It was much later , due to my first Solo International Travel, my Millenium-trip to China, that I really discovered how much fun photography is and can be. I learned that I enjoyed strolling around Hong Kong with
my cam looking for an interesting spot ,
A sudden funny or typical scene. I found
myself trying to find something different
or non-standard. It's defenitly a fun
challenge! It is also quite relaxing ,
making it easy to put problems out of your
mind for a while. Just snap away, stroll
, look around... Be a bit of an artist , have
an eye for the right creation or picture
and mostly enjoy your day and have fun !
Ofcourse later , upon my return and
development of my works , I also found
out how disappointed one can be with
what cheap camera's can produce.
Because I only owned 2 very standard
and cheap camera's , and I knew little of
photosensitivity , a lot of my proud creations were a failure , or even completely lost. Poor disappointed me ! Ooh horror !
This definitly made me think about improving my equipment. This was never to happen again...
My Photography
- The China Reporter !!
I have not had much experience with photography other than watching others work with their camera in amazing places and viewing and enjoying the results.
I always have had good memories of that. Watching my father at work with his camera in America , always nearby , but .. also always just strolling off , or taking that one important family-album shot. We still have boxes of great shots.
The Grand Canyon , The Golden Gate
Bridge , looking down from " windows on the world " at the top floors of the World Trade Center back in 1978.  , all unforgettable experiences of   which we own priceless
First experiences as a Professional Photographer - how unique you can be ...
(bring out the Bells)
Dissatisfaction as a Photographer
Moving into the Digital Age - What a difference a camera can make ...
Short description of improvement and first learning
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Summary - In my early life
memories now. 
I think certainly think here in lies a lot of the the basis of my appreciation for photography.
However, because I had a Dad like this , and an older brother with a technical bump ... , I never really got around to shooting any images myself. (Nor working on a computer for that matter) I was sort of technically defunct !
Never been interested in cars , never owned a scooter or bike , never did any programming even though we had a computer way early. I have always been different from that.
So, it took me a while. But eversince the year 2002 I have entered into the digital age of photography greatly improving my capabilities and possibilities. As shown and told on these pages , I now photograph with the Sony Cybershot model DSC F-707 Digital Camera. My growing experience with this Camera and it's accessories in both the personal and professional fields are described on this and a further separate equipment desription and experience/ tips page. ( Link bottom of Page or HERE )
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