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Ben- 4th Time in China Foto's:
Taken on my 4th China Visit November and December , 2004
As I was on official business that day , I wore a Suit. Made in China ofcourse !
Posing at the Mao Mausoleum, still one of the most visited spots in the People's Republic of China at the Centre of Beijing......
Ben at the Qianmen ( Chien Men). My Favorite Hotel , The Capitol is nearby. Some 500 meters from Tiananmen Square. It's just the Best !
This Time a Digital Welcome to China's Capitol City with DrBen .
I ....
Ben at the Summer palaces' Kunming Lake. Very cold and windy that day but I had an excellent time with my friend Steven ( He was my tourguide in 2002 ) when we visited the exhibition of Imperial Art near the entrance and Tower at Kunming Lake. 95% of the Tourists miss it , but The Summer Palace Imperial Collection holds some of the finest Chinese Art ever produced. Much better than what is on exhibition at the Forbidden City ! A must for any true China Lover.
(photographer: Steven Du (c) )
NGIZ - Netherlands Society for International Affairs
My Hong Kong Tailor Kenny
( Photos by Pine Luo , 1st Time with a Digital Camera , Pine !! Excellent work.)
Finally I got that picture thatwent wrong Last Time !!
Posing with ......
Posing with the Bicycle I had to rent because I had sore feet from walking around it all.... ( at the entrance of the Capital Hotel , my favorite Beijing Hotel)
Making 15.000 photos of Beijing , and coing back in 2004 to double that amount !

And ......
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