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Photo 1: Ben in Amsterdam:

With my Brother Jos , who at that Time was still studying Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam.
This picture was taken at the start of the Queensday Celebrations, at the Faculty Bar.
Now, yeaars later my brother is still living in our Capitol City , but ... maybe somewhat unlogically he now has a career in IT. Actually, he's an insider to the Foreign Ministries Systems.
Although he's the computer-wizz , I am the one with the website. Of course I should include him in it.
Photo 2 : Once Upon a Time , a Ben in America ...

This picture was actually taken much earlier than picture 1.
It shows me standing with a Huge American Truck-trailer in the El Monte neighbourhood of Los Angeles.
In 1988 I made my last visit to the US. Unforgettable , again ...
This picture used to hang in my boys-room. I liked it a Lot.
Now that I have a website, I guess i just had to put it here.
Photo 4: Ben on Schiermonnikoog Island

This is a picture taken in 1994 by my holiday friend Irene van der Heide.
She and Me , well... I had a good time.
Together we strolled around the Island a good deal and ... and other great things you can do there.
Enjoying the quiet. Having an excellently prepared meal at one of the restaurants, bicycling on the elaborate sea-shell paths around the island, , spotting nature , sniffing the Salt at the Beach.. or even go for sea-swim. Naked of course !
The sea and nature are a daily part of Life at the Island.
"My" Island.

Find more pictures of my Favorite Island at the Photo-Preview. Or Just click the Dutch flag in our 2nd index-page.
Ben in The Hague :
This is a small collection of pictures of Me , Dr.Ben , in other places then Beijing or Hong Kong , or anywhere else in China (P.R.C.)
You can also find more and more pictures of me on and around this website. Take your Time ! It is that not easy to find all of them. But then .. isn' that the Fun of exploring ??
Check the Sitemasters Logbook to see if any new photo's are added or for information on what is new on this website. See Ya' !!
Photo 3 : Another picture from my families´ last holiday so far in the United States of America.
IT is my parents and me during our visit to Houston´s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre, home of the NASA mission control. The `thing` we are standing in front of a space shuttle onboard engine. Impressive, isn´t
Well, just wait untill you see a Apollo Moon Rocket !
I did, there is one on display righ there.
Besides, I had already been face to face with one standing upright, on my 1st US visit in 1978 , which included a tour of the then John F. Kennedy Space Center (now Space Port USA).
Sigh - What can I say? Eversince I have been a space-nut and a complete supporter of NASA.
Hehehe... Always great to visit one of their sites.
NASA is awesome. The are the culmination of the edge of mankind. What an inspiration for boys-thoughts and dreams..

Taking pictures ° making memories.
These holidays shaped a good part of my life and personnality.
Photo 4: Friend  Sander and  Ben during the summer of ´94 on Schiermonnikoog Island.
Enjoying the 750 meter wide sandy beach.
Photo 5 and 6:  Being on the Island is actually enjoying the Best of Dutch Country Life.
In a way.... Because it IS also an Island , there is so much more !
Again, these are pictures from a very good summer. The summer of 1994 at the island of Schiermonnikoog.
That year I had decided to get away from my studies a lot. And ..
among things i arranged myself a job as a Greengrocer for a while.
Great !!
Also.. Pfew! Some hard and , with the warm weather, sometimes.. very sweaty work.
I didn' have to worry about vitamins for a while. We ate all the days left-overs...
Apart from having the job, learning something new about vegetables and other joyfull greens , the site , in the middle of the Village, across from the Bakery " Klontje " was and is still monumental.
(see photo-preview)
Not only a pittoreske view, but also full of memories of my childhood. Like for instance tasting the famous "strand koek" , always a treat for a child hungry from all the new experiences at this adventure of a place.
Of course I enjoyed my job very much. As I did so much that Summer.
The Greengrocers has been closed by now , but the Bakery is stil there and in it's original state. As it should be, as far as I am concerned.

Maybe when I retire, i want me a little grocery store on this spot.
It is definitly something for a guy like me.
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In 1999 I was invited to take courses at the Netherlands Institute for International Relations "Clingendael".
I am still working on that project since I am very very determined to find an international use for my medical Diploma.
Since it is my greatest passion and I do not know what will become of my plans, yet... I had to include this picture on this Page.
This is me on a November evening across from the Famous "Kurhaus"
at the Scheveningen Beach. When I attended courses at "Clingendael" I stayed at a little Hotel near here. Close to the beach, dunes and this Historic Building.
All a bit special places is to me, by the way.
It reminds me of one of my historic heroes. Namely, the Soldier of Orange, Erik and of another epic Dutch war-story : the trilogy called "Engeland Vaarders"( K. Norel). In the early stages of the latter the German parachutists land in the Dunes just meters from here.
As did really happen back in 1944...

More photo's of Me can be found around this website, or .. later on this web-page.
View from the Bakery Entrance
and crates of fruit and potato
Selling fresh vegatables....
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