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8:00 AM - 16:30 PM in Summer, 15:30 PM in Winter
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Qinglongqiao (1) Introduction
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Great Wall of China in Beijing Province
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Qinglongqiao Great Wall
Qinglongqiao Great Wall location coordinates: 40°16′60″ North 117°20′60″ East

The Qinglongqiao Great Wall is situated in Miyun District of Beijing City Prefecture.
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Following their reports on crumbling watchtowers along the Qinglongqiao section
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A Full Google Earth Supported Map of Qinglongqiao Great Wall by
The China Report introduced on Levels of its Online Publishing's in April of 2009, including The Great Wall of China.

Adjacent Map gives direct access to Qinglongqiao Wall Map by Google.
Schematic Map of ALL Great Wall sites in Beijing City Province !
Map - Schematic - Beijing City Province Great Wall Locations
A Schematic Map overview of Great Wall locations and sections in Beijing City Province and Tianjin City Province. This Schematic Map depcits all seperate visitable Great Wall of China locations and sections within the 4 rural districts of Beijing; Pinngu, Miyun, Huairou and Yanqing County. Map further includes as the location of hiking paths, hotels, recreational facilties and historic monuments found in the vicinity of the path of the Great Wall. Find the locations of the Great Wall of China in Yi County in North Tianjin Province from where it continues past its many stations to end in the west at Shixiaguan in Yanqing County. Beyond the Great Wall continues into Zhangjiakou Prefecture of Hebei Province.
Shixiguan Great Wall of China
Juyongguan Fortress Great Wall of China
Badaling Great Wall of China
This page was last updated on: August 1, 2017
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China Report - Map of the Great Wall during the Ming Dynasty
Satellite image of China and North-East Asia, with a super-imposed schematic Map of the location and Path of the Great Wall as constructed during the Reign of the Ming Dynasty. Included for reference are City names, geographical features of landscape, Names and locations of Passes on the Great Wall of China.
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