Kowloon Promenade , Star Ferries crossing Victoria Harbor , tourists and some docked Cruise Ships. Cruise ships regularly dock at TsimShaTsui Terminal.
Smog , not Fog is Closing in from China's Mainland. Hong Kong is notorious for it' foul air and the Cities'Authorities, like elsewhere in Asia , are continously battling the problem but never get ahead.
The Mainlands' rapid modernisation does not really help the problem. Neighbouring Guangdong province has been one of China's most rapidly developping regions.
Welcome to Kowloon, Hong Kong.
The Kowloon Promenade, -as I call it- , follows the extreme southern edge of the Hong Kong-Kowloon Peninsula and runs South of Salisbury Road along the Waterfront. The Promenade starts somewhere near the Kowloon Train Station and ends at the Famous Star Ferry dockingpoint.
Looking North towards the Star Ferry Docking Point.
Looking West from Kowloon over part of Hong Kong' Victoria Harbor.
Across the Water's of Victoria Harbor the Skyline of Hong Kong Island.
The Tall Buildings you see are those of Hong Kong's "Central" Banking & Financial District with the Largest building in Hong Kong , the 368 meter high Tower of The Bank of China. Behind the Tower & slightly to the right the Hong Kong peak , with it's sensationa cable Tramway.
Once again the Skyline of Hong Kong Island with the Central District. The Bank of China is the 5th Tallest Building in the World. In front of the Bank of China Wanchai' s  Congress & Exposition Centre  a gigantic complex wih includes the Hiatt-Hotel and the New World Harbor. To the Left  Wanchai and not on this foto  The Causeway Bay District.
Star Ferry crossing in front of the Wanchai District. Wanchai is a very lively district of Hong Kong where anythingcan be found. From big shopping malls and disco's in modern buildings to small fruit stands and Pakistani Tailors who try to Lure their customers.
Looking Southward towards the Causeway Bay Area. Before the Area was developped in a Landfill project it was indeed a Bay. Nowadays The Causeway Bay is one of the Hippest & Most Modern neighbourhoods of Hong Kong. Very visible for any visitors are the Hong Kong Golf Club and ofcourse "The Bay's" Yachting Marina on Kellett Island , home to the "HK" Yachting Club.
Kellet Island is now incorperated and forms the most Southerly point of Hong Kong Island. 
Kowloon's most Southern District is named TsimShaTsui. The district lies at the most Southern Tip of Kowloon but has always been considered at the Centre of of the Cities' Life. Tsim ShaTsui is a fashionable district with Shopping Malls , modern office buildings, but also small restaurants, shops, hotels, etc. TsimShaTsui is the Tourist District.
TsimShaTsui is also Home to Space Museum & Planetarium , the Chinese Cultural Centre  as well as the Hong Kong Museum for Fine Art.
In the Museum at the Millenium : an Exhibition on China's "Warring Nations Period" ( 403BC to 221 BC ending with the 1st Chinese "Unification" and the Ch'in Dynasty). Just a month earlier Macau had been re-united with the Chinese Moterland.
Kowloon's Famous ClockTower at the End of the Asian Orient Express. The Tower also Marks the docking point of the Star Ferries.
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