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Great Wild Goose Pagoda
Da Cien Si
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This page was last updated: June 6, 2017
A Map of The South District with Great Goose Pagoda and Area
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Xian , South District
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Two depictions of The Epic Monk Xua Zang, top whom Xian's Great Goose Pagoda was dedicated. Note the large "backpack" in which XuaZang carried his Buddhist Holy Scriptures to China (see Journey to the West for Mythical Story of Xuazang and The Monkey King).
Map of Entire South District - south of Central Walled City
As mentioned Liu Lichang Street is Beijing Cities' Number One Antiques Street. So, brace yourself ...
A Bibliography of Links to More Information on GreatGoose Pagoda and Da Cien Si Temple
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- Introduction , Map & Directions to Da Cien Si / Great Goose Pagoda Temple -
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The Mythical Story of Monk XuaZhang, The Monkey King and the Holy Buddhist Scriptures of Immortality
Source Book "Journey to The West (3 Parts)"
( available from our Online Store )
Above: Photo of Xuazang Mural inside Great Goose Pagoda (restored original).
Koji AriYoshi - A Japanese-American fighting for China
The Official Documentary DVD on Great Goose Pagoda and Da Cien Si
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