This simplified geographic Map provides a complete overview of Korea and Japan as well as relevant parts of China (P.R.C.) and the Russian Federation. Apart from designating the main regions, islands and cities in Japan, it provides an overview of large parts of north east China (Liaoning and Jilin Provinces as well as the southern parts of Heilongjiang Province) as well as the main population centers and a few of the main rivers within this large territory. The map gives relatively little information on the Korean Peninsula and only a few cities in both North and South Korea are marked on the Map. Barely any information can be glanced from the section of Primorsky Krai Province of the Russian Federation seen in the top center of the image.

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Geographic Map Overview of NE China, Korea, Russia and Japan
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Hu Shan - "Tiger Mountain" + Great Wall of China on the Yalu River - East Terminus Outermost Layer in (China i/t) East
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Tieling, Tieling Prefecture, Liaoning Province, China (PRC)
a.k.a. East Korea Sea
Fushun, Fushun Prefecture, Liaoning Province, China (P.R.C.)
Changbai Shan (Height: 2194 Meters)
Selin Shan (Height: 1498 Meters)
Hunchun, Hunchun County, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, China (PRC)
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Changchun - Capital of Jilin Province, China (P.R.C.)
Jilin City, Jilin Prefecture, Jilin Province, China (P.R.C.)
Harbin (Haerbin) - Capital of Heilongjiang Province, China (P.R.C.)
Shenyang (Mukden) - Capital of Liaoning Province, China (P.R.C.)
Fuxin, Fuxin Prefecture, Liaoning Province, China (P.R.C.)
Jinzhou, Jinzhou Prefecture, Liaoning Province, China (P.R.C.)
Anshan, Anshan Prefecture, Liaoning Province, China (P.R.C.)
Dandong, Dandong Prefecture, Liaoning Province, China (P.R.C.)
Benxi, Benxi Prefecture, Liaoning Province, China (P.R.C.)
Dalian, Dalian Prefecture, Liaoning Province, China (P.R.C.)
Mudanjiang, Mudanjiang Prefecture, Heilongjiang Province, China (P.R.C.)
Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai Oblast, Russian Federation.
Pyongyang, Capital of North Korea (D.P.R.K.).
Hamhŭng (함흥), Capital of South Hamgyŏng Province, North Korea (D.P.R.K.).
Kimch'aek, formerly Sŏngjin, North Hamgyŏng Province, North Korea (D.P.R.K.).
Chongjin (청진시), Capital of North Hamgyŏng Province, North Korea (D.P.R.K.).
Seoul, Capital of South Korea (R.O.K.). - Mastermap of Asia (entire). weergeven op een grotere kaart
Tokyo (東京), Tokyo Metropolis, Kantō region, Honshu island, Capital of Japan
Sapporo (札幌), Capital of Hokkaido Island Prefecture, Japan
Osaka (大阪), Capital of Osaka Prefecture, Kansai Region, Hunshu Island, Japan
Hiroshima (広島), Capital of Hiroshima Prefecture, Chūgoku Region, Hunshu Island, Japan