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This page was last updated on: May 1, 2017
The Doha Report
Public Transport in Doha ( الدوحة - Ad Dahwa)
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Main Railroad Station of Doha - Photos and Introduction
Historically Doha City has NO TRAIN STATION. However, currently an underground Train System, the Doha Subway / Metro system is under construction for the first time bringing train transport to the city and even the Gulf Region. The first Subway / Metro Line to be opened in Doha City and Qatar will be the Red Line.

The underground railway system under construction in Doha City is the first ever railway to be constructed in the Emirate of Qatar and the wider Gulf Region. As such it has been officially designated
Doha has two International Airports, a Yachting Harbor, an Industrial Harbor Facility but NO Railroad Station. A Subway / Metro underground system is currently being develloped.
The primary means of travel to the city of Doha is either by air or sea.

In addition to the existing Doha International Airport (DIA), an additional International Airport will be opened in 2013 in the West Bay Area. This airport is now designated as Doha Hamad International Airport (HIA). Upon the reaching of full operation levels at HIA, DIA will cease to exist as an airport for International Jet Passenger Flights. Instead, Doha International Airport will be the hub for Helicopter Flights in the Gulf Area and will further be home to the Qatar General Aviation College and serve a number of Military Functions. The new DIA Doha Hamad International Airport will be the designated airfield for International Passenger Flights.
This page was last updated on: May 1, 2017
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The Doha International Airport, the Old Airport, lies at an elevation of 11 meters. It is expected to cease operations for International passenger flights in the beginning of 2014. After that date, all International Passenger traffic and tourist flights to- and from Doha will pass through HIA = Hamad International Airport.

Transport between Doha Airports:
With two airports operation in Doha City Shuttle buses will travel in between. The shuttle bus from DIA to HIA will be departing every 30 minutes, and will be operating on a 24 hour basis. Passengers will need to allow an extra 20 minutes to your travelling time as compared with DIA.
At DIA (The Old Airport and current Helicopter Port),  the shuttle bus will be departing and arriving at the bus stop located in the short term car park, in front of departure terminal A.
At HIA (Hamad) the shuttle bus will be departing and arriving at the bus pavilion located outside concourse A, the shuttle bus service will be for both staff and passenger use.

Contact Doha International Airport (DIA) for additional information:
Telephone : +974 4465 6666
Fax : +974 4462 2044
Email :
Postal address : PO Box 24659, Doha, Qatar
The new Doha Hamad International Airport has been opened in the year 2013. It is situated due East of
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as the Qatar Railway. The Company operating the system is known as Al Rail. It has a logo composed of three pointy triangles.

Directions for Passengers on the Doha Subway / Metro system are available in English and Arabic Languages. The system is easily accesible and usable for wheelchair bound passengers, the elderly and children.

Available Subway Lines in Doha City.
The first available line of the Doha subway / metro system is the Red Line. It connects the downtown Doha City (City Center) with the new Lusail District (neighborhood) which is under construction on the north end of current day Doha City. The Lusal neighborhood is expected to become the
YouTube Video: New Railway System of Qatar, the underground trains of Doha City under construction.
home of some 200 thousand additional inhabitants of Qatar and will be the location and venue of the 2022 Doha Qatar FIFA Soccer World Championship.

Find out all details on the operational parts of the new Doha Subway / Metro System.
Departures & Arrivals + all other information ; Doha Hamad Intl Airport
Prohibited items in Qatar include alcohol, narcotics and explicit material (especially nude images and pornography). Legal Penalties may be substantial (severe). Passengers should confirm with their airline of travel for further information and refrain from risk seeking behavior.
Doha City center, at a driving distance of around 20 minutes from the city center and 30 minutes from the popular West Bay Business, Beach and Resort Area. Since the 4th quarter of the year 2013 Hamad Airport is the official home airfield of Qatar Airlines, the National carrier.

Hamad Airport is an entirely new facility constructed after land reclamation from the sea created an extended zone of land due east of the reginal Doha International Airport. The passnger terminals of this new airport is located in the south east next to the Ras Abu Abboud street (boulevard) also known as the F ring road.

Hamad International Airport has 41 contact gates and offers an additional 22 free standing positions for aircraft. A glimmering feat of modern architecture, the design of Hamad International Airport was created by H.O.K.
The New Hamad Airport is completely up to modern standards with all due facilities. For more information, please refer to / check page:
"Frequently Asked Questions about Doha Hamad International Airport (HIA)".
(Courtesy of Doha Hamad International Airport)
YouTube Video: Presentation of Doha Hamad International Airport, a brand new facility to carry Qatar to the year 2030.
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