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Tashkent (Toshkent, Тошкент, تاشكېنت ; Ташкент)
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This page was last updated on: October 28, 2017
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Apart from the main well known landmarks of the City of Tashkent, there is a variety of minor and major landmarks to be found in the outlying districts of Tashkent Region. Some of these landmarks and hotspot are easy to travel and get to, others requite considerable pre-study of route, road markers and location. For this, and an general idea of all locations, please make use from available Google supported Map of Tashkent and Uzbekistan (as well as Tajikstan and Kyrgyzstan; together "The Three Stans").

In order to better recognize outlying locations, they are best sorted and understood by district of location and direction of the district as opposed to the city of Tashkent.
Tashkent Region has 9 Districts (Rayon). These are; Akkurgan, Bekabad, Bostanliq, Qibray, Parkent, Pishkent, Quyi Chirqik (Chirqik City), Orta Chirqik (Chirqik City), Yukori Chriqik (Chirqik City).

Of these above, the three districts of Quyi Chirqik, Orta Chirqik, Yukori Chriqik represent the area of Chirqik City, which is the district immediately to the north of Tashkent City proper and a city with a few notable scenic sights.

The Northern Districts are: The Three Districts representing Chirqik City, and also the large Bostanliq District.

Of the northern districts of Tashkent Province (Region), the Chirqik City District is the easiest to reach. Travel either by car or train to Chirqik Center to spend a day exploring the lot.

Beyond Chirqik City, all of the mountainous regions are part of the Bostanliq District. The main town (or administrative center) of Bostanliq District is the town of Gazalkent along the Orom River. Although situated along the Orom River and of considerable size, the Town of Gazalkent has however few wortwhile landmarks except for a Christian Orthodox Church (--) and north of town an interesting ancient settlement mound.
North of Gazalkent lies an are generally designated for tourism and leisure. Here on may find various luxury resorts situated around the large Charvak Reservoir. The ultimate northern point of Tashkent Region and Bostanliq District there of is taken up by an rea designated as Ugam-Chatkal National Park. This region holds mountains, glaciers, and ancient historical and archeological sites. The park is however not free to travel as it is situated in the border regions with neighboring Kazakhstan. Extensive explorations of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park require additional guided tour arrangements and also permits from authorities.

In the south one may find the districts of Zangiata, Yangiyol, Chinoz, Buka (Bo'Ka).

The most notable districts to the south of Tashkent are in order of distance; Zangiata (or Zangiota), Yangiyol, Almazar and Chinoz.

Zangiota, well noted as a former village at some 15 kilometers from downtown Tashkent, which is famous for its ancient Islamic Mausoleum and according religious complex which has grown around it. The Zangiata Mausoleum as it is called, is a major tourist landmark of Tashkent and also an active religious complex of major importance within Uzbekistan.
Alphabetically ordered list of Monuments, Landmarks and other sites of interest in Tashkent City proper ...
Google supported Map of Tashkent City and Uzbekistan, by AsiaReportcom.
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Other noted locations in the Tashkent Province or Region are:
- Charvak Reservoir.
- Chimgon Mountain.
An outer suburb of Tashkent and a Town noted for its Yangiyol Jome Mashid, the town Mosque, as well as the exotic Christian Orthodox Church or Temple of the Holy Mother God of the Icon of Theodokos. The worship of the Icon of Theodokos is a particular Russian Orthodox tradition and there is no such Church available in the city of Tashkent itself.
Visitors to Yangiyol may travel conveniently by train to Yangiyol Train Station, as this is situated conveniently in the downtown center of Yangiyol, at not too far a distance from the Mosque. The Christian Orthodox Church is situated in the south of town and requires a longer walk.

Has a train station. There are however no known scenic or cultural sites to visit in town or district.

Chinoz is noted as the southernmost district of Tashkent Region, which has its southern border in Chinoz Town at the Syr River (Syr Daria). The main town of Chinoz only has the train station, however the more southern district of town going by the same name is situated along the Syr Daria. This is where one may find a Russian Orthodox Church of quite some size as well as the Highway Monument symbolizing the Gateway to Tashkent. This is also a location where one may (safely) acquire a view of the grand Syr Daria.

Travelers who would like to visit Chinoz and see the Syr River can travel to Chinoz Train Station from Tashkent Central or any other station along the line. Inconveniently, however the station is situated in the town center of Chinoz, which is some 7.5 kilometers distance from the railway bridge which spans the river and the border that it forms between Tashkent Province (Region), and the southern Syr Daria Province (Syr Dario Region).
Alternatively, one may travel down to Chinoz southern district situated along the Syr River. There one may safely get a view of the River, admire the Gateway to Tashkent highway Monument, and peek at the Syr River from the park on the northern bank.