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Qin River (沁河) (1B) in Henan Province of China
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Henan Province of China
In essence, Henan Province counts xxx major rivers among which the great Yellow River is by far the largest and the most important. In additionmany lesser rivers and a multitude of minor tributaries and streams are found in Henan Province. For all general travelers purposes, the main river in Henan Province is the Yellow River (Huang He). Next in importance are the Luo River (Luo He), the Wei River (not to be confused with the Wei River that flows past Xi'An in Shaanxi Province!) and other historic rivers.
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Henan Province is tradionally abundant in rivers and stream. There are however far fewer natural lakes.
A complete overview of all rivers and streams is ny well impossible, however the main rivers for each part of the Province and each (City) Prefecture of Henan Province have been listed on their own seperate pages. Please select below:

*) Rivers of North Henan Province
*) Rivers of East Henan Province
*) Rivers of Central Henan Province
*) Rivers of South Henan Province
*) Rivers of West Henan Province
Index) Rivers and Waterways of Henan Province
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2) Luo River (-- ; Fen He)
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S) Shanxi Province - Online Sources
In Jincheng Prefecture of Shanxi Province the Qinshui River joins from the east, followed downstream by the Guxian River coming from the north west. The last river to contribute its waters to the Qin River in Jincheng Prefecture is the Huze River (Huze He).
From the joining point of the Huze River, the Qin River enters a convoluted mountainous trajectory that takes it across the border into the northern extremes of Henan Province.
Qin River (沁河) in Henan Province of China
Via the southern outer limits of Jincheng County of Shanxi Province the Qin River enters into Jiyuan (济源) Prefecture and with that crosses into Henan Province.
The border lies at the village of QuShou (渠首村  ; Qu Shou Cun) which still lies within the southernmost spur of the Taihang Mountains. Just west of town, between two convolutions of the river within its mountain valley one will find the 磨滩 Station of the Liandong Railway Line which leads from Jiyuan up through the mountains into Jincheng Prefecture of Shanxi Province.
Having past the provincial border at Qushou Ville, curves around the local peak of Songshan Mountain after which it only flows a few more kilometers before reaching the outer limits of the great valley of the Yellow River carved out over the millennia by the (once) powerful and ever changing currents.
At this point, the Qin River turns eastward to run parallel to the Yellow River (Huang He) instead of continuing southward and flowing into the city of Jiyuan. Thus, the Qin River only straddles the outskirts of the city passing through the Wulong Pass (at Wulongkou Town) while slowly turning east towards the next city and prefecture, that of Jiaozuo.
The Wulong Pass marks the opening of the river onto the Yellow River plain. Up on the mountains on the north bank of the Qin River at Wulongkou, at the other side of a tunnel carved into the cliff sides, one will find the Wulongkou Scenic Spot which allows for a grand overview of the Qin River in the green valley below.
Henan Map 3A - Geographic Map
Henan Province Map 3A - Geographic Map
A Second Geographic Map overview of Central-Eastern China's Henan Province entire, delineating provincial borders and parts of neighboring Shaanxi Province in the West, Shanxi- and Hebei Provinces in the North,  Shandong- and Jiangsu Provinces to the East and Hubei Province in the South.  Includes Cities and Towns (shown by size), rough location of Main Monuments & Landmarks of Henan Province, the location of rivers & water reservoirs, LongMen Caves UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shaolin Monastery, Main Mountains (with Height), major highways, provincial railroads & main railroad-stations. Click through to find more information, details & photo's on each location within the Province !
Beyond the Wulongkou the Qin River essentially runs west to east on a very shallow path through what for centuries have been overpopulated agricultural area's. It would go too far to mention all villages found along the Qin river in Henan Province, however one may note that after passing the modern G207 Highway Bridge at Wulongkou there are no bridges for several kilometers. However, before terminating into the Yellow River quite some ways beyond, the Qin River meets several bridges. These are in sequence of appearance; the S253 Provincial Road Bridge, the S238 Provincial Road Bridge, the major S28 Changji Expressway Bridge followed 8.85 kilometers to the east (10km along the river) by the likewise large S49 Jiaotong Expressway Bridge and its predecessor the S237 Provincial Road Bridge. Finally more than 16 kilometers beyond the S237 Bridge, the S253 Provincial Road Bridge and S309 Provincial Road Bridge are the last bridges to arc across the river. The S309 Provincial Road Bridge is the last bridge spanning the Qin River. From this point it is only 7 kilometers (4.3 Miles) down to the banks of the Yellow River and the terminus of the Qin River.

Although in its last stretch the Qin River flows through Jiaozuo City Prefecture it never reaches this city but instead flows at considerable distance to the south of it.
Except for the earlier mentioned Wulong Pass (Wulongkou), no landmarks of exceptional interest or historical monuments can be found along this length of the Qin River today. However, it may be interesting to know that from Wulongkou down to the Yellow River a multitude of schools can be found
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