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An additional Schematic Map of the Full Scope of the Empire of Alexander of Macedon a.k.a. Alexander the Great, who except for Genghis Khan the Mongolian is considered to have been the Greatest Military Leader of all time.
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Map Asia - History - Macedonian Empire 336 BC - 323 BC Version 02
Yue Zhi
Eastern Persia
The Great Wall that protected the Silk Road during Later Ages & Eras at
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A Former Part of the Imperial Inner City, now Park o/t Peoples Culture
Bactra (Balkh, Afghanistan)
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Map 1 of the Silk Road during the early Tang Dynasty Era. Clearly depicts the North & South Routes West of Dunhuang as well as the lost civilizations of Loulan and Hotan.
Odessus (Varna, Bulgaria)
Corinth (Corinth, Greece)
Palmyra (Ruins of Palmyra, Syria)
Leuce Island (Today Snake Island or Serpent Island, (Ukrainian: Острів Зміїний, Ostriv Zmiinyi; Romanian: Insula şerpilor)
Damascus (Damascus, Syria)
Tian Shan
    Mt. Range
Hormoxia (Hormuz)
Athens (Athens, Greece)
Babylon (Ruins of Babylon, Al Hillah, Babil Province, Iraq)
Sittace, Sittake or Sittakê ; Greek: Σιττάκη (Iraq)
Callatis (Today Mangalia (Romanian pronunciation: [maŋˈɡalia], ancient Callatis ; Greek: Καλλατις), other historical names Pangalia, Panglicara, Tomisovara, Constanţa County. Bulgaria)
Byzantium (Constantinopel; Today Istanbul, Capital of Turkey)
Heraclea Pontica ; Greek: Ηράκλεια Ποντική (Karadeniz Ereğli, Zonguldak Province of Turkey)
Pityus (Pitsunda ; Abkhaz: Пиҵунда, Georgian: ბიჭვინთა, Bichvinta; Russian: Пицунда - Resort Town in Gagra district, Abkhazia)
Alexandria (Alexandria, Egypt)
Cnossos (Cnossos, Island of Crete, Greece)
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A 2nd Schematic Map of the Silk Road during the Roman Age. In 30 BC the Roman Empire started trading with India, which was already well known from the Conquest of Alexander the Great (+/- 330 BC). In the following 6 centuries the West would Trade with India and indirectly also with China through the Silk Road. The Silk Road only lost its Value after the European Age of Discovery and the Establishment of Maritime Trade Routes with India (16Th Century) and later China.
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Map of the Macedonian Empire (336 BC - 323 BC) 2
A Full Map of the extended Empire of Alexander the Great (of Macedon). Starting his conquest in earnest in 336 BC Alexander the Great defeated the Great Persian Empire, conquered Egypt and advanced through Central Asia as fas as the Hindu Kush and the Heavenly Mountains (Tian Shan) forming respectively todays border of India-Pakistan and more to the North, the border of Xinjiang-Uygur Autonomous Region of China. The Empire included Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, parts of Uzbekistan , etc. Home
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