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The Main landmarks within suburban districts of Yanji are: the ..

In total there are over -- historical sites to be visited and enjoyed in Yinchuan and its vicinity.
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The Yanji Report
Sungbo Hotel in Yanji :
Sungbo Hotel:
Telephone: (0433) 255 99 51 / 2901 333
Fax: (0433) 255 99 54
Homepage: www.sungbo.com.cn

The Hotel is housed withing what is officially known as the Sungbo International Business building.
For More information on Landmarks, Monuments and Scenic Spots in Yanji and the wider Region, please refer to: 'Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture (of Jilin Province)'.
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History of Sungbo Hotel :

The Sungbo Hotel in Yanji was opened in the year 1994 and today is one of the main hotels in Yanji City.
Services include a coffee lounge (Floor 6), a spacious (Korean styled) Restaurant (Floor 7), a beauty and health spa Floor 10), a massage parlor (Floor 9) and a gift shop.
On the first floor of the Sungbo Business building one can find a spacious 28.000 square meter department store selling men's ware, ladies fashion, various imported Korean items and even home necessities such as bedding.
The 6th Floor of the Sungbo Hotel also serves as an international meeting and convention center, and regularly hosts wedding parties as well.
The ...

Location: ---.
Opening Hours: 7 AM to 18:00 PM
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Landmarks & Monuments in the city of Yanji
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The ...
How to get there:
The Sungbo Hotel is located in central Yanji City at the so called "Square of Times".
Views from one of the Rooms of the Sungbo Hotel in Yanji.
View of the Sungbo Hotel  on the opposite side of Yanji's "Central" People's Square (also: Square of Times) (August 2010).

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