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Yanji City is the administrative Capital of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province in China, a region also known as the 'Third Korea'. The City and its outlying districts have around 400.000 citizens at the moment.

Yanji City is under development and growing fast. A new and astonishingly modern section of the city has been growing on the other side of the Along River, due west of Yanji's downtown area.

Please browse around to see hundreds of Photos of Yanji and Landmarks.
More information will be added soon.
Yanji City - Yanhe River Market
Have a Browse around the local Market !
Visit the Main Square at the Entrance into JiaYuGuan
Who has not been to the market in Yanji, has not been there at all. That is, in all fairness by far the best spot to come into contact with your average Yanji city citizen is to go to its daily open market and have a look around.
Not only is it the best and cheapest source for fresh vegetables and fruits in town, it is also the place to see the faces and greet the people.
Get up early in the morning to stock up for your day ahead, enjoy the fresh air of Yanji and combine a visit to the Yanhe River market with your visit to Church, the Zoo, Yanji Park or any other destination within the downtown area.
Yanji Railroad Station - Yanji Zhan
Follow the Road North into JiaYuGuan
Find out about the Railway Station & transportation outside of Yanji ...
Head out to Yanji Zhan, the main railway station of the City for transport to the Capital Changchun, and China or the Trans-Siberian Railway beyond.
Yanji railroad station is also the place to catch trains or buses to the border town Tumen, the smaller town of Hunchun and 'the end of China' wedged between Primorsky Krai Province of the Russian Federation and North Hamyong Province of North Korea. Almost no one goes beyond Tumen as there are no real landmarks or tourist attractions. Other directions include the railway line up North into Heilongjiang Province to Mudanjiang City.
Yanji City Park
The Yanji Park is the official main Park of Yanji city and it is the location where most cultural venues are celebrated. The spacious park is situated not too far away from the central Square of Times, and is situated along the Yanhe river.
By far the most beautiful spot within the City, if you like Parks, greenery and the green mirror of a large pond. If you have the opportunity, go over in the early morning and witness the daily martial arts practice. In Yanji this often includes sword skills and appropriate traditional styled dress, which can lead to colorful scenes.
Click through to see the Extended Arm Great Wall praised in Poems ...
Browse around the Park or Participate !
Along River Bridge
The Gateway across the Along river for most of Yanji is a brandnew modern styled suspension bridge with two intertwining arches.
See the New Along Bridge !
Visit TaoLai River Gorge & the First Beacon Tower of the Ming Dynasty Era !
Yanji Christian Church
The Main Church in Yanji is freshly constructed in the year 2010. Yanji, as does the wider Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture has a large number of Christian citizens, many of whom belong to the unregistered so-called 'underground Churches'. The main City and Government recognized Christian Church under State supervision can be found standing overlooking the Yanhe River and its daily open market. Go over to have a browse and get a feel for Yanji's culture and the Korean people.
To the Christian Church in Yanji
Pay a visit to Christian Community & the local Church ..
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Yanji Peoples Plaza - Main Square
Browse around Main Comercial Square
More about the Central square in Yanji !!
The Modern Main Square of Yanji is truly the center of life within the downtown sections of the City. Although there are a few other worthwhile spots, the Yanji Peoples Square, also known by its new name the Square of Times is where it all goes down. From what is considered the main shopping street along its eastern flank, to the Korean owned and run Sunbo Hotel, several department and stores and many lesser establishments as well as the main pharmaceutical store. Various restaurants and all main landmarks are within walking distance. Book your Hotel near the square to get the maximum out of your Yanji City experience.
Yanbian Korean University, the first founded ethnic University in China is situated near the center of Yanji City.
Travel to Yanji and beyond to either the North Korean border at Tumen, the Changbai Shan Mountain and wildlife reserve, or take the train and bus to even more obscure destinations !
The best way to pass the Time in and around Yanji therefor is still to visit one of the various historical relics and monuments within the City Prefecture.
Yanji Chaoyangchuan Airport
Follow the Road North into JiaYuGuan
Air-connections to & from Yanji & Yanbian Prefecture ...
Modernity has certainly reached the city of Yanbian and to a lesser extend the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. However, with a large Government investment in the North-Eastern provinces underway Yanji has gained its very own National Airport with flights to Beijing City and a few other destinations daily.
Get to Yanji the easy way, avoid the train and fly yourself up to the Korean border. Or almost. Beyond Yanji there is only the train and the bus to get around.
Yanji International Hotel
The Most Expensive and International Hotel in Yanji City is ?
AStay at the Top Level Hotel in Yanji
The most flashy, expensive and thus renowned Hotel in Yanji City is no doubt the Yanji International Hotel. Located inside the (so far) highest tower in the City, the International Hotel is the place to stay for traveling press, and diplomats going to Pyongyang in North Kore. It stands between the downtown section of the Square of Times and the Along River which runs through the City. In walking distance of all main commercial and government buildings, as well as near the river and central square it is the most solid option for anyone afraid of not getting a good night sleep. However, wait until the room rates are revealed and you might sleep less comfortably.
Yanji Sungbo Hotel
The Korean Hotel in Central Yanji City
Stay at the Top Level Hotel in Yanji
The cheaper but still comfortable alternative to the exaggarated prices of the International Hotel is the nearby Sungbo Hotel. Favored by Korean tourists and Russian travelers, the Sungbo Hotel is a Korean owned and run establishment which is situated along the main commercial street or market street of Yanji City. The Sungbo Hotel provides excellent access to downtown city life, most of not all worthwhile sites in the city and does so for a fraction of the price of the International Hotel.
Along River Park & Pond
The Main river in Yanji is the Along River. Situated near the International Hotel and the old City Hall it in easy getaway from the Hotel or City noise and cannot be missed while making your way to the Along River for a browse and walk along its banks and boulevard.
Browse along the Main River in Yanji: the Along.
An Introduction to the small Park ialong the Along River
Yanji City Zoo - Animal Park
Not likely to be praised by anyone and certainly not a place of much poetry is local Animal Park. This Park, which contains caches with local animal species can hardly be named as a full zoo but is worthwhile a visit. First of all, it is the only place where on is likely to find the Wolves the wider regions are still somewhat notorious for, secondly, a visit to the Yanji Animal Park gives a good idea of what live for the animals would be in just about any zoo in China until fairly recently. Educational it is alright. Go have a browse when you are at the Park.
Click through to see the Extended Arm Great Wall praised in Poems ...
See some of the Local Species, in dire condition at the Local Animal Park ...
Yanbian Korean University
Yanji Cities Yanbian University was the first ethnic University founded in all of China. Today it plays a vital role for the local Korean minority and the children and citizens of Yanbian. The Korean Ethnic University of Yanbian helps maintain vital cultural and economic relations with the Korean communities on the 'other side', mainly with South Korea (R.O.K.) and to a far lesser extend with the North (Peoples Republic of Korea). The well funded University is the only University available in this remote enclave in North-East China, the next option being the University in the Provincial Capital of Changchun.
Visit the Campus of the 1st Ethnic University in China !
Visit TaoLai River Gorge & the First Beacon Tower of the Ming Dynasty Era !
Along River
The Main river in Yanji is the Along River.
Browse along the Main River in Yanji: the Along.
An Introduction to the main river in Yanji City
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Yanji Martyrs Monument
Yanji City has a small Martyrs Monument, which is situated near the Airbase and Airport.
Find the Martyrs Monument on the outskirts of Town ..
Pay a visit to the Martyrs Monument ...
Yanbian Longjing Airbase
Yanji has an Airbase that is part of the National Airport of Chaoyangchuan. It is off limits and should not be photographed.
Visit the Local Airbase - If you Dare ...
Sneak around the Airbase at Yanji-Longjing !
Yan River - Yan He in Yanji
The second river in Yanji is the Yan He, Yan River - which gives its name to the City.
Take a walk along the Yan River
An Introduction to the Yan river in Yanji City
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