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The Main landmarks within suburban districts of Yanji are: the ..

In total there are over -- historical sites to be visited and enjoyed in Yinchuan and its vicinity.
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The Yanji Report
Yanji City Church (or Cathedral) :
Certainly one of the main landmarks within Yanji City is the newly constructed Christian Church. It stands not too far from the downtown area and the Square of Times, at easy walking distance from all wortwhile Hotels except for the hostels at the main Train Station (Yanji Zhan).
For More information on Landmarks, Monuments and Scenic Spots in Yanji and the wider Region, please refer to: 'Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture (of Jilin Province)'.
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A flamboyantly red and green colored Yanji City taxi crusing the streets. In the background, a lady in Traditional Korean Dress shines radiantly to advertize some product.
Although the history of the current structure has been rather short, the new building does reflect the current growth of the Christian Community within Yanji City. With already a fairly long history, current city citizens are finding renewed faith and many others are swelling their ranks, for the first time being able to practice this religion.
The city Church of Yanji is part of the legal Christian Church in China, that is: it is not Roman Catholic, Protestant or any other denomination but is an officially recognized holy shrine, supervised by the Chinese Government ponsored National Christian Church.

Other chruches in Yanji go unrecognized and many Church groups go without an official prayer room or hall, and are considered part of the illegal or underground Church.
The ...

Location: ---.
Opening Hours: 7 AM to 18:00 PM
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The Main landmarks of Yanji City are as listed below.
Landmarks & Monuments in the city of Yanji
Alphabetically ordered list of Monuments, Landmarks and other sites of interest in and around Jilin Province
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To Yanji City - landmarks, Monuments & Hotspots
The Church of Yanji is built on the high banks of the now mostly channeled Yanhe River. From its stairs one has a reasonably good view of the river and can see the bustling activity ongoing at the open market of Yanji City.
After visiting Church, or even before, head down for a quick bite of ruit or get your vegetables as fresh as one could possibly imagine.
Views of abondoned and trafficless streets of Yani City along the route to the main Christian Church in Town (Photo: July 2010).
While browsing along the downtown area, the way to the Church easily becomes clear. It can be seen from a number of points in the City.
Akong the way, enjoy some of the more obvious signs of Korean Culture within Yanji City and Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, the many bi-libual street signs and of course advertizements and names of shops.
The best way to experience the city and notice the details is to walk across town. It is not too much of an effort at all.
Those who are in a hurry can hail a cab and risk the drivers frustration at the short ride. At any rate, the cost will be the same as there is a flat fee for anything within town.
Upon seeing the main Church of Yanji you will realize that it is a completely new building. The current Church was completed in the summer of the year 2010, in order to give a larger space to the increasingly large flock of local Christians. Naturally, the Church is open to anyone, so foreigners - of any kind- are welcome to come down and join in prayers or otherwise engage with the local community.
Morning traffic passes the Yanji Christian Church, which is set along a main entrance point into the old (current downtown) city of Yanji (Photo: July 2010).
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The Church in Yanji is an important structure within Yanji and it forms a large part of the spiritual parts of the community. Set within some of the older, lesh flashy parts of the original city, it overlooks the Yanhe river banks as well as the cities open market. Conveniently, those who work at- or visit the market can easily walk up to the Church and join in prayers.
View from the dooway of Yanji Christian Church giving view of the parking lot still under construction and the Yan River beyond (Photo: July 2010).

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