Xinhua Shopping Street (1) Introduction - Directions
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Yinchuan (银川) Landmarks, Monuments & Hotspots
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The Main landmarks within suburban districts of Yinchuan are: the Bell- & Drum-Tower and nearby Yuhuang Pavilion, South Gate Square, the City Mosque or Nanguan Mosque, the North Pagoda and Temple (Haibao Ta) which are situated 2 kilometers outside of the Old Town proper, the Chentian Si and its West Pagoda and finally, The Ningxia Provincial museum with exhibitions on both the long history of the region and the details and riches of the Hui Ethnic Culture.
In total there are over 60 historical sites to be visited and enjoyed in Yinchuan and its vicinity.
The Yinchuan Report
Drum Tower South Street - Gulou Nan Dajie (Xinhua Shopping Street - How to Get There :
Although most of today's Travel Guides on China do not list any worthwhile shopping experience or location within Yinchuan City, there is enough to see, do, try and buy within Yinchuan. Especially the old city is where the best shopping can be done.
In fact, finding the best and most attractive stores in town is really not that difficult at all.
In order to get acquainted with the city of Yinchuan and meanwhile get your orientation on the shopping opportunities in Town a good location to get started at is the Drum Tower South Street, which until recently was the main commercial street in town. Find it simply by heading to the central location of the Drum Tower. Once there, one simply cannot miss and overlook the expanse of Gulou South Street, clearly a modern shopping street with decoration lighting and
For More information on Landmarks, Monuments and Scenic Spots in the wider Region of Yinchuan, please refer to: 'Landmarks, Monuments and Hotspots of Yinchuan Region'.
Or Read: 'Landmarks and Monuments of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
Becuase Yinchuan officially is a large city with at current around 2 million citizens, one might expect a sprawling downtown area filled with modern shops, stores and malls.This is however certainly not the case for Yinchuan. Situated in a traditional poor, rural and agricultural region, todays Yinchuan is booming, has doubled and size and certainly has ambitious plans for the future, however throughout much of the Old City, a pleasant lively rural market town athmosfere still exists. Shopping zones within Yinchuan are currently limited to but a few streets, most if not all found in the center of the old city (Xingqing Qu). Head down to the Drum Tower and Yuhuang Pavilion to get close to the action and enjoy a break from sightseeing and centuries old monuments and their ruins.
The main shopping street in Yinchuan is Drum Tower South Street - Gulou Nan Dajie, which is also known as Xinhua Shopping Street. Situated at what feels like the center of town it is near some of the cities most beautiful and worthwhile sights, has several hotels nearby and gives the opportunity for a free and easy browse of the rest of the city center, including access to various restaurants and bars.
Landmarks & Monuments in the vicinity of Yinchuan!
Alphabetically ordered list of Monuments, Landmarks and other sites of interest in and Around Yinchuan
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Yinchuan and you would like to be at the center of the action, one of these may be a good choice for your stay. Popular Hotels are the Gulou Hotel and the adjacent Jinjiang Inn Yinchuan Drum Tower. The latter is clean, fully modern and spacious yet at a reasonable price.
Within easy walking distance are the Drum Tower, its Jade Garden Park and the Yuhuang Pavilion, which together is where most of the cities evening and nightlife takes place. That is, most locals come down to the Jade Garden Park to enjoy its romantic night time feel, meet with friends or lovers, and cool down near its ponds. Hungry shoppers gather in or usually in front of local restaurants to wine , beer and dine until late at night.
Mind you: there are no noisy bars, discos or karaoke joints in this section making it even after hours of alcohol the best and safest block to dwell and stay in.
Bars are available a plenty in surrounding streets. There are even a few Karaoke places. Most youthful fun seekers however head down to the South Gate Square (Peoples Square), not the Drum Tower, where most cheap entertainment, food and abundant alcohol can be found. The area of the Drum Tower and its shopping street are definitely the upscale parts of the most lively sections in town. It is also the most comfortable and most convenient area to stay at, for backpackers, tour groups, single travelers and families with children alike.
Easy going athmofere at Yinchuan's Drum Tower South Street main commercial zone. In the heat of summer naturally, most of the crowds come out to shop in the evenings.
When the shade is in the street or when there is a slight overcast, people of Yinchuan love to come down to the center of town and Gulou South Street (August 2010).
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plenty of stores to choose from.  As you will notice, around the north end of the street at the Drum Tower several Hotels offer their services to visiting tourists. If you are looking for a hotel in
An easy going morning at the Gulou Hotel which stands at the North End of the shopping street at the best location facing the drum tower )Photo: August 2010).
Drum Tower South Street - What to Get There :
Naturally, what you would like to buy or see in Yinchuan's Gulou Shopping Street is entirely up to your own needs and wishes. If you are in need of brandnew clothing, trousers, jeans, shirts, t- shirts or perhaps shoes, Gulou South Street is definitely the best place to go. Although there are more shops in surrounding streets, these mainly cater to a lower income public. The best quality and the most trendy items, and thus also the highest prices appear mostly at Gulou South Street. Shop till you drop if you are a woman. For men there is however disappointingly little to find. The only worthwhile items seem to be sports shirts, and new sneakers.
There are at least two good opticians and glasses stores in Gulou South Street, which may come in helpful if you are looking to replace your much needed sunglasses (shades) while you are in the City.
There are no bookstores or toy stores on Gulou South Street.
Daytime shopping crowd in Yinchuan Gulou South Street. Construction is ongoing and the commercial district has been expanding to more and more of nearby streets.
The nearest book store is Xinhua Book Store, which stands on the north side of the drum tower. For Music, DVD and Video, head up north past the Drum Tower to Gulou Bei Jie (Gulou North Street) to find several shops selling Chinese Music, some ethnic music and a wide variety of Blue Ray and DVD for legal prices (they seem not to be pirated).
More on Drum Tower South Street and Shopping in Yinchuan :
As described in the Yinchuan Report in various ways, the Drum Tower and its shopping street pretty much make up the center of city life within Yinchuan. What does not happen at Gulou South Street or adjoining streets happens at the South Gate Square and the adjacent Muslim Quarter, which is still well within walking distance.

Although Gulou South Street is the commercial showpiece of Yinchuan, in all honesty, nothing much else goes on there. For more action some entertainment and perhaps some additional sightseeing explore the adjacent streets to get much more out of your stay.
The Drum Tower, the Jade Garden and Yuhuangge to the North are mainly the
romantic scenic zones were everyone can wind down, have a a bite or at least a drink while enjoying the best of the city monuments. To do more shopping and/or find some other types of articles head down south (or east) and simply follow the crowds.  Beyond are several malls and a couple more shop filled
streets. At its south end, Gulou South Street intersects with another large traffic thoroughfare, Nanxun Street which should be considered the next main shopping street in the city.
Nanxun Street runs east to west and vice versa through Yinchuan, and at its intersection with Drum Tower Street is cut into an eastern and western section. To find the most stores, follow the crowds in the eastern direction which is also the general direction to the South Gate Square and the Muslim Quarter. Currently, some shops extend in the other, westerly direction, but its only a short bit before one is confronted with the much less glamorous side-streets of the old town.
At Nanxun street stand several newly built mall buildings. There is also a lively street market ongoing, with multiple stalls and peddlers doing business at most hours. Some distance to the West one can turn back up north to find a somewhat hidden commercial square which is the location of two of the most modern malls in Yinchuan. A spacious, attractive and fully equipped coffee shop, the best in town caters to everyone in need or urge.
Pass through the saquare and walk along its west side and past the Yinchuan Hotel back up to the Yuhuang Pavilion and
View of the Yinchuan drum tower (Gu Lou) from drum tower south street. The usually clear blue skies and dry desert air make for comfortable summers in Yinchuan in Ningxia Hui.
make a round. At the Yuhuang Pavilion the Drum Tower is back in view, and the way to your starting point suddenly obvious.
Otherwise, to find more shops, and a small market for the locals on the the streets running south from Nanxun street. You will notice when you get there.
In this southern-most section of the central shopping district, prices are lower and quality and manufacture entirely Chinese. Beyond to the south-west lies South Gate Square and the Muslim Quarter.
Again, the crowds mainly hit Nanxun shopping street after business hours and in the evening, when temperatures allow the most for comfortable leisure.

So much for a brief review of the main shopping street in Yinchuan City and its surrounding area's. Naturally, there are many more shops and even a few large malls available in Yinchuan. However, most of these are not easy to locate, especially not for first time visitors.
If your not experienced in Yinchuan, take it easy and explore Gulou Street and area first. For second shopping spree, go to South Gate Square and
South Gate Square is the other, nearby, commercial center of the old town and offers more variety of available goods.
Don't miss out on the easily missed underground passages that hide the majority of stores underneath the South Gate Square itself !

To find further stores and shopping opportunities within Yinchuan, one
has to take a drive around town to see what one comes across. The new city is not noticed for its high end commercial stores, but there are some surrounding the railway station. More hotels are available there as well.

Markets can be found at the Yinchuan Supermarket and in the Muslim Quarter at Yong An Alley.
After hours Gulou Street returns to a near silence, while lights remain on until midnight.
find more large stores, shops and even a large supermarket.
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