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Landmarks & Hot-Spots - In Alphabetical Order
Landmarks, Monuments, Hotspots
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Drum Tower South Street commercial zone
Yinchuan Landmarks & Hot-Spots
Xinhua Bookstore at the Drum Tower in Old Yinchuan
Get your Maps & More at Xinhua in the center of everything !
Legendary Western Xia Kings Mausoleum
The UNESCO Wolrd Cultural Heritage Western Xia Mausoleum site
An introduction to Shopping in Yinchuan old city & more !!
Yong An Alley, Muslim market household goods, fresh fruit & tea, and much more !
Get refreshments while browsing the Muslim Quarter !!
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Baisikou Twin Pagodas  (Baisikou Shuangta)
Botanical Gardens of Yinchuan
Bronze Gorge (Qingtongxia) - Hydro-electric Dam
Bronze Gorge (Qingtongxia) - Town (District of Wuzhong City)
Changqing Amusement Park (and Holiday Village)
Chengtian Si (Western Pagoda)
China Post Main Office Yinchuan
Christian Church of Yinchuan (Cathedral)
Foreign Language Bookstore
Fruit Market (Open Market)
Dianwan Mosque (Dianwan Qinzhen Si)
Drum Tower (Gulou)
Miniature Tian AnMen Gate of Yinchuan
Mosque of Tongxin Town (Tongxin County Mosque)
Little Gate of Heavenly Peace (Mini Tian AnMen)
Jade Emperor Pavilion (YuhuangGe) - General
Jade Emperor Pavilion - Museum
Jade Garden (Ning Yuan)
Ganlu Temple
Government o/t Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Square
Gulou - Drum Tower
Gulou South Street - Drumtower Shopping Street
Najiahu Mosque
Najiahu Hui Ethnic Minority Cultural Park
South Gate Mosque - Nanguan Qinzen Si
Ningxia Provincial Museum
Northern Bus Station
Northern Pagoda (Haibao Ta)
- No Landmarks available
- No Landmarks available

Sand Lake (Sha Hu, in Shizuishan Prefecture)
SanGuanKou Great Wall of China
Sea Treasure Pagoda (Haibao Ta)
Sha Hu (Sand Lake)
Shuidonggou Great Wall of China
Shuidonggou Stone Age Relics Site
South Gate Mosque - Naguan Qinzen Si
South Gate (Nan Men) & South Gate Square
Square o/t Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Sun Yat Sen (Zhongshan) Park
Red Mountain Fortress ( Hongshanbao) o/t Shuidonggou Great Wall
Rock Art Museum of Helankou
Haibao Ta - Haibao Pagoda & Temple
Hedong National Airport
Helan Pass - Helankou Pass Park
Helan Pass - Sanguankou & Great Wall of China
Helankou & Helan Shan Rock Art Museum
Hengcheng Yellow River Port and Holiday Village
Hongshan Bao (Red Mountain Fortress)
Zhenbeibu Fortress (Western Film Studio's)
Zhongshan (Sun Yat Sen) Park
Zhongwei (Town and City Prefecture)
Zoo of Yinchuan (at Zhongshan Park)
Tangut King Tombs (Xixia Wan Ling)
Three Gates Pass (Sanguankou) o/t Great Wall of China
Tongxin Mosque
- No Landmarks available
- No Landmarks available
Water Cave Gully (Shuidonggou) Archeological Museum
Water Cave Gully (Shuidonggou) Great Wall of China
Western Film Studio (Zhenbeibu Fortress)
Western Pagoda (Chengtian Si)
Western Xia Kings Tombs (Xixia Wan Ling)
White Temple Pass (Bai Si Kou)
Wudang Monastery (in Shizuishan Pref.)

Antiques Market
Antiques Market at West Pagoda
Yellow River in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
Yellow River Mother Goddess Temple (at Qingtongxia)
Yinchuan Cathedral
Yinchuan - Churches
Yinchuan Zhan - Main Railway Station
Yong An Muslim Market Street
Yuhuangge - Yuhuang (Jade Emperor) Pavilion
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Xinhua Bookstore
Xintongxia (Bronze Gorge) Dam o/t Yellow River
Xinhua Shopping Street (South Drumtower Street)
Xixia Wanling - Western Xia Kings Tombs
Peoples Square (South Gate Square)

- No Landmarks available
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This page was last updated on: July 13, 2017
This Page holds a Quick & Complete List of All Monuments, Museums, Landmarks, Parks, Temples & Mosques, Malls & Shopping Streets, Theaters, Hotspots and other sites in Yinchuan reported on by ChinaReport.com, sorted and listed on Alphabetical Order. Please use this Menu and Website as your quick-guide to Yinchuan City & Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
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Located between Yinchuan and the foothills of Helan Shan are the Tangut Kings Tombs, locally known as "Xixia Wan Ling".
Is also Market Street in
Yinchuan. Fresh fruits, vegetables, tea and plenty of other nutricious foods and other necessities, all found behind the Great Mosque of the South Gate.
Drum Tower and main commercial street.
A visit to Historic Zhenbeibu Fortress of the Helankou along the Great Wall, now nationally acclaimed as Film Studios turned theme park is best described as a Western Experience China style.
Muslim Street
There are but a few bookstores in Yinchuan. Find the Xinhua Store and most others in the center near the Drum Tower.
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xplore the Great Wall Fortress of Zhenbeibu and its Film Studios annex Theme Park.
Zhenbeibu Ancient Fortress backdrop for the legendary Western Film Studios
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The Western Pagoda of Yinchuan City ...
The Xi Ta, Western Pagoda or Chengtian Si Temple complex in Yinchuan
Xi Ta, the West Pagoda and former site of the Provincial Museum.
M) Map of Central Yinchuan
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