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My Collection of Chinese Communist Souvenirs
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The famous (little) Red Book (of Mao) from the tumultouos Cultural Revolution. In my Collection : a First Edition in English Language, printed in 1956 by Beijing Foreign Language Press. Click Here - to learn more about the Red Book.
A Collection of "Commie" Pins for Sale at Lui Lichang Culture Street, Xuanwu District, in Beijing. Photo: Doc Ben aka China Reporter.
Communist Propaganda Posters turned into fashionable holiday greeting cards.
Visit Beijing's Secret Underground City - Relic of The Cold War
Shadows from the Past. A Chairman Mao-shrine in an air raid shelter under Beijing in Beijing's Underground City, dating from the 1960's tension period with the Soviet Union, Chongwen District,  Beijing.
Front Cover and Chairman Mao poem on inside, from the Red Book.
The Great Succes of Mao Zedong thought... Comrade Mao.. (translation bottom picture)
A black & white portrait of Chairman Mao during News Conference - "Mao Zedong Thought" expressed live at the Great Hall of The Peoples.
Cloisonne fake-gold Watch with Chairman Mao Portrait and Chinese Inscriptions.
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The epic Revolutionary Peking Opera "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy" in book form, with music and song.
Final Scene from "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy". Victory of the righteous Communist Peoples (Party).
This collection of Souvenirs from Chinese Communism are a modest but treasured personal collection gathered and selected from 5 travels to China between December 1999 and Today.
                                                   The collection holds a
                                                   number of common
                                                   and some very special
                                                   historic souvenirs now
                                                   rare and hard to find.
                                           Communism isn't that
                                         much in the spotlight of
                                              daily chinese life, anymore, so it's more
rare now to find an
exceptional or
memorable piece.
From my Millenium China Tour. Origin: Capital Hotel Gift Shop in Beijing
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Front and Back of Commemorative Coin - 90 Years of the Revolution of 1911 (First Republic of China)- 2001, by The Bank of China.
Front of Coin Booklet with detail mural relief at Monument to the Heroes of the Revolution, TiananMen Square, Beijing.
Inside Fold One of Coin Booklet with commemorative text in chinese and fragment 1911 map of China.
Inside Fold Two of Coin Booklet with commemorative text in Chinese-English, portrait of Dr. Sun Yat Sen as President and official coin certificate with production number.
Pin China National Governement Emblem - Seal Peoples Republic of China.
Vintage Art posters and prints
Vintage Art posters and prints
Inscriptions - Wish for Security for a Life-Time.
Silver/Metallic Souvenir Pin Chairman Mao Portrait in radiant background. Origin- Dashilan Street, Beijing 2005.
Souvenir Pin China - TiananMen Gate with Proud China National Flag as background. Origin- WuMen, Palace Museum, Beijing 2005. - Royalty-free Stock Photography
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Two Revolutionary Operas, finally available on VCD - again "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy", my favorite and another one named "The Red Lantern Story" (Hong Deng Ji). Featuring the peoples struggle against the Japanese in the Great Anti-Fascist War this Time.
Always a part of the chinese peoples lives traditional opera and folk art performances were a powerful vehicle for transferring the message of the communist leadership out to the people. From the very beginnings in the south
to the cold chinese north of Yanan, Shensi, theater groups accompanied the communist army to win the hearts and minds of many with their new and revolutionary message.
Each year perhaps a little bit more out of Fashion, communist pins and especially Chairman Mao portraits on pins (and other goods) are still being sold everywhere in China. Find them at small street peddlers looking to sell to tourists, or find them at a small tourist stall. Whether in a big city in China, or in the small and poorer western interior provinces- They are always available. Communist Era souvenir Pins and Medaillions are offered for sale to you in varying forms. Apart from these communist souvenirs there are memorable posters, stamps, coins, and the like. A chinese communist collection hasn't even really started without communist pins, so even I bought some.
90 Years of Revolutionary China. A China that had to re-invent itself and it's social system after the onslaught of many foreign nations. Nations that abused the country and peoples, nearly turning it into a colony and the chinese into eternal slaves. Now 90 years later New China (XinHua) has gone through many changes and is re-emerging onto the international scene.
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However, this does enhance the joy of the search and my pride in little personal treasures I did find. Let me share some of them here. I have some good memories attached and can give some information, the reasons why they interested me in the first place ,  or .. what i found out only later.
VCD's of famed Revolutionary Era Peking Opera's. Very fun to watch - All available from China Report Online Store.
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Israel Epstein - writer / author, friend of the Chinese Revolution , 90 year Birthday commemorative Stamp Booklet, limited edition.
Find Israel Epstein Books in our Online Store.
Envelope - Front and Back
Limited Edition certificate with Booklet serial number.
Biographical and Comemorative text in chinese and english printed on Inside Fold of Booklet.
Front and Back of DVD Documentary of The Grand Military Parade held on the occassion of 50 years of the founding of The Peoples Republic of China at Chang An Avenue & Tian an Men.
This documentary DVD covers all parade highlights of the largest militairy review ever held, on 1st of October 1999, honoring 50 years of Peoples Republic of China with a parade of 40 ground formations, 70 vehicle groups, 1500 vehicles and 132 participating aircraft. Rare DVD footage, with old film footage from by-gone Beijing and Chang An Avenue plus images of the early Red Army on parade. A unique prolitical document as well, giving insight
Click to go to Online Store
Click to go to Online Store
Some Titles of Books written by Israel Epstein, who started his career as journalist-correspondent for american newspapers in China.
First Page and second Page with Chairman Mao Image, from the Red Book.
Third Page (blank) and Fourth Page with Publisher and Printing Year 1956, from the Red Book.
I remember exactly what got my collection started - When i found a first edition of the Little Red Book for sale somewhere in the QianMen Area Hutong. Then still new to China, I had laready been exposed to cheap copies printed yesterday, but this one was the real thing. Finding this treasure inside the genuine hutong, among tiny workers houses added to the charm...
I am still quite proud of having found my genuine Little Red Book and now really owning it.
Eversince purchasing this little red book I have been looking for other souvenirs, but buying quite selectively. More and More in fact.
From Little Red Book to Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy...
Click Here - to see more of my China Souvenir Pins Collection.
into the chinese communist parties' thinking, mindset, and Policy plans for the New Millenium. Eraly Black & White footage as well as full color  coverage of the parade events. Not easy to buy or find. I Hope to make it available from Our Online Store !
Exchange Information & Meet up at The China Report Forum !?!
Exchange Information & Meet up at The China Report Forum !?!
Exchange Information & Meet up at The China Report Forum !?!
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Sound Bonus: "Falling out with Lin Biao", excerpt from "Mao the Unknown Story", by Jung Chang.