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Introduction to The Virtual Tour of the Beijing Palace Museum -
Welcome to China Report's extensive digital photographic Virtual Tour of The Palace Museum in Beijing, China.
This tour, takes you from Tian An Men Square the largest square in the world, through Tian An Men ( Men = Gate ) and DuanMen into the Forbidden City. Walk from Southern Gate Wu Men, the Gate of the Meridian all the way through onto ShenWu Men the Northern Gate of Divine Might to find Jingshan Park.

In this Report there is the unique (online) opportunity for a walk around the Imperial Palace Walls, the Palace and (almost) all Area's Open to the Public.
There is at least One report page for every main sight of the Palace and its Auxiliary buildings, complemented by many photos of the buildings, their details,the extensive Arts & Antiques Exhibitions, and other treasures and surprises found inside The Palace.
The Imperial Palace Museum
- TiananMen Square and Gate -
Nowadays the Heavenly Peace Gate still holds up its historic value and splendor. We are all familiar with Giant Portrait of Mao that decorates the Gate in current days.
As mentioned earlier on this website, the portrait has been modernised.
In fact , it has been modernised many times over eversince its first conception. The earliest portrait of Mao to decorate the Gate , showed him as a rather young man wearing a rather unusual pointed cap. The photo that served as the basis for this portrait was originally made in 1936 in Yenan, in Central Shanxi Province by journalist Edgar Snow. Later portraits have depicted the chairman in Mao suit , older but with a workers cap. In the most recent years,  at the least since 1989 ( when it was damaged ) the portrait depicts Mao as older , but wise and open, in modern and fresh colors. The portrait is always in pristine condition.
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A visit to the Mausoleum is always an interesting experience, if only to stand in line with native Chinese, often from very remote areas and villages, who all come to pay hommage to their departed Great Leader Chairman Mao. In their eyes Mao as great leader  liberated them and led China forth into being a new and great Nation. Emotions can
run high at the Mausoleum, especially
among the elderly Chinese visitors who
remember most. Everstunning and
impressing are the countless and
countless chinese visitors that go in,
day after day, leaving the
unexperienced westerner often with
amazement at first.
Notwithstanding what we might have
been taught or told,or think to know as
world citizens, it is obvious that
Chairman Mao is still a hero to the
Chinese People, and his name is held
in high regards. Judging from reactions
of many Chinese younger Chinese that
i have met and spoken too, the great
leaders ideas still are very important in
Chinese thought. His faults now more
openly recongnised by many, Mao
undoubtedly was one of the Greatest
statesmen of the 20Th Century.
Beyond the Mao Mausoleum, Tiananmen Square with the pillared Monument to the Heroes of the Revolution and the Great Hall of the Peoples in the background. The legacy is alive and vibrant in this square with so many relics and Monuments gathered in one place. The TiananMen Square, or square of heavenly peace is the political Centre of China and also the exact geographical Centre of the City of Beijing. A huge space with a  very unique feel to it.
After crossing under Dong ChangÁn Jie, Beijings widest and most important avenue that runs east to west through the City and crosses the squares north side.
Tiananmen Square's North Side with the Tian An Men or Gate of Heavenly Peace bathing in the morning sun.
(The Sun rises in the South-East).
Beijingers drive their bicycles, busses or cars to work and others are making their way to the Imperial Palace Museum grounds.
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The Tian An Men, Gate of Heavenly Peace, with its symbolic 5 marble bridges leading to three Gates, the waving Red Flags of China and the Huge Chairman Mao portrait gazing out over the crowds and onto Tiananmen Square. Revolutionary texts proclaim to the world: ---------.
The Tian An Gate was built in 1417 AD of the Ming Dynasty, during the very first years of the Imperial Palace. At that Time as part of the outer walls of the Imperial Palace, which was in turn the inner part of a larger Imperial City that started at QianMen.
Crossing over the Jinshui Bridge(s), the marble bridge in front of TiananMen ...
Looking back towards TiananMen Square, the Monument of the Heroes of the Revolution and beyond it Mao's Mausoleum are clearly visible
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TiananMen Square -
TiananMen Square comes to Life a long Time before the Palace Museum opens its magnificent Gates and Doors to the World Public. While the "Forbidden City still sleeps, the citizens of the Great Mega-Metropolis of Beijing are already up and many are on their way to work by 6 AM already. Bicycles fill the streets, busses start crowding in. Taxi's are always present.
Long after the first Chinese people went to work, other - Chinese and Non-Chinese will start converging on Tian An Men Square with its attractions and Tian An Men ( Men = Gate ), the Gate and way into the so called "Forbidden City". This Forbidden City, the Home of China's Imperial Rulers for some 480+ years , is officially known as The Palace Museum and stands directly North of TiananMen Square. In Chinese it is called the "Gugong".
One of the best photo-opportunities in the whole of China : the approaches to Tian An Men or the Gate of Heavenly Peace.
Constructed during the Yongle
Reign of the Ming Dynasty, the
Gate is originally an outer Gate,
part of the Imperial City but not the
Imperial Palace.
On the 4th of October 1949,
this was the place where Chairman
Mao Tse Tung ascended the
platform and declared the founding
of the Peoples Republic of China to
a gathered crowd of Party
dignitaries, a 16 gun salute and
1000s and 1000s of ordinary and
poor Chinese Citizens.
A new and unified state by and for
the Chinese was born from the
ashes of foreign invasions and a
30 year civil war.
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Map of TiananMen Square based on Satellite Image
View a very detailed Satellite View of TiananMen Square !
Beijing , Tiananmen Square - Satellite Image based Map
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Gate of Heavenly Peace in Tiananmen Square Bejing, China
Gate of Heavenly Peace in Tiananmen Square Bejing, China Photographic Print
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Policeman, Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
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The Gate of Heavenly Peace at Tiananmen Square
The Gate of Heavenly Peace at Tiananmen Square Photographic Print
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Tourists Enter the Forbidden City Under a Portrait of Mao
Tourists Enter the Forbidden City Under a Portrait of Mao Photographic Print
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Portrait of Mao and a Lion Guard the Forbidden Citys Meridan Gate
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Portrait of Chairman Mao in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
Portrait of Chairman Mao in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China Photographic Print
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TiananMen Square in the early morning at around 8:30 AM. In Half an hour the Palace Museum will open it's Doors to the Public once More.
The Tian An Men Square or Square of Heavenly Peace, The Gate of Heavenly Peace and The Palace Museum are undoubtedly the biggest and most magnificient tourist magnets in the City of Beijing. Yada Yadah...
Rows of people in line for a visit to the Famed  Mao Mausoleum. People Line up every day, every year & season.
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Old birds eye view photo of the Palace Museum revealing the Central Line and its main structures. The last one these is the Gate of Divine Military Might.
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