Vibes Venue or Nightclub is located in the famous Art-scene hotspot Factory 798 at Chaoyang's Dashanzi Art District of Beijing. A former factory now converted into a giant art mall, gallery, atelierspace and showcase, the DAD complex ( Factory 798 ) is rather hard to find. Especially at night.
Use the above map and following instructions to get to Vibes.
1) Vibes is located well outside the 3rd ring road in Chaoyang District. Follow the airport expressway from the 3rd ring road.
When on the airport expressway, keep an eye out for Holiday Inn Lido. Vibes and Factory 798 are located just right off the 3rd 
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Get wild in Beijing ? Go for an absolute break from historical Beijing and hit the Uderground Dance- & Party-scene at Vibes, the Nightclub Venue at Factory 798. Not your typical Beijing, but a thoroughly international party going on virtually around the clock at Dashanzi, Beijing's Bohemian Art District. Rock with the Best and the Bravest,
Map, Directions and Introduction
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Vibes upstairs chillout and chat space.
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A Map of the immediate area, provided by Vibes of Beijing.
A Map of Chaoyang District as printed in the most used Tourist Guide Book to Beijing.
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find your way now to
          Vibes at Beijing.
overpass from the 3rd ring road = beginning of airport expressway, which is just past Holiday Inn Lido.
This should bring you onto Da Shan Zi roundabout. Cross the roundabout and turn Left (= North) onto Jiu Xian Qiao Lu. The Entrance to DAD and the Factory can be found on your right hand after a 150 meters or so.
This is an inconspicuous Factory-like gate, but usually there is a guard on hand which alarms you to the fact there is indeed something living there.
Vibes is found inside this Gate and Lane, some 100 meters down and to the right. At night taxis may loiter in this road. It is usually easy to hail a cab and get home.
Instruction 2) If you take a taxi to Vibes at Night, which you likely will, be sure the taxi driver is familiar with the Factory location. Take a map for instructions. Otherwise you might get lost at night in a former industrial area.
Get the shivers from
Vibes of new Beijing !
Vibes Venue is definitly the hottest Club of the moment in the Beijing Dance & Art-scene.
Managed by a former devotee to Mister Brian Wallace of the internationally renowned Red Gate modern and contemporary Art Gallery, and surrounded by Art scene hot-spots such as the Now Design Club and The Tokyo-Beijing Art Projects Vibes Beijing attracts all kinds of Folk.
A mix of the locally extreme and newly defining selves of China, artists and their followings, modern Beijing women, gay sluts.. Wandering tourist from nearby Hotels and bored or happy expats or offspring.
All are drenched in a spicy mix of
the beats of modern DJ's and musical
artists preferably invited from around
the world. Just a grab from the line up :
Dub Messiah Steve Barker with his
Brazilian Beats, french vinyl-master
Alex TC who introduced his house-
ragga-jungle music, local Dj Thatsman J
Chan. Carribean, ragga, house, dance,
calypso, and much much more. Special
events are regularly held at
Vibes and parties go on around the

An invited DJ breaking away on the Vibes of Beijing. The party keeps on going in this mixpot, very underground but truely International Party
as advertised.
Spacious, hard to find at this former Militairy Electronics Factory Complex,
and rather basic. More to come in the Future, I am sure. Spacious walkways above the Dance-floor, chill out and a long bar with plenty of selected drinks. Fun personnel.
If ever there was a place in Beijing where one can meet the un-expected , Vibes would be it. From a Carribean Party to Fetish Night, one can never be sure what will be next at Vibes. More I hope !!
Don't expect the biggest or nicest Nightclub you have ever found, Vibes is not like that. At Vibes you are with the up and coming, the deep, the true, the dirty. Beijing's Underground. Therefor, location is
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Alternative party-goers loiter upstairs
Meet an unexpected mix of People at Factory 798's coolest dance-spot. International travellers, artist or art-lovers, expats or offspring, the local hip and brandnew, nouveau-riche, And .. the Local Queer Beijing Hip !
Anyone ! Atmosphere is friendly and curious, erotic and often very open.
Don't be shocked too easily as strange scenes may play themselves in front of you. Even Latex attire is not unusual. Visual
Party Hours: 2 pm to around 5 am. Not on mondays.
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Cover Charge is 50 Yuan, but includes a good drink. Festival nights or alternative parties with irregular intervals. Surprising themes, especially for China. Prices are not Chinese but affordable. Tsingtao beer will cost you 30 yuan. Vibes is not for the faint-hearted !
However , a very pleasant getaway from a sometimes boring and too normal Beijing.
Relax and have yourself a party at Vibes.
This modern-music mekka of Beijing with its progressive style will not disappoint you !
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