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General Links on Factory 798
Operation Ink Freedom -  Paintings by Wang Jingsong:
A discussion on art and Factory 798, with 1 photo.
Discussion of Modern Art at the Yan Club and of Factory 798
A Thread of Exoticism :
A description of a Fashion show inside Factory 798 by
Beihai Description 2
Artists find New Haven,
By the China Daily English - Cultural Channel
Beihai Description 3
The East is Red with the flow of revolutionary modern Art :
A very good description of Factory 798 by The Guardian UK Online
Impression and description of Factory 798
Loft Art & Loft Living in China :
A architecturally oriented review of loft living, art, artists and China
A Short review by Cultural Channe China Daily
Beijing Art Scene makes a comeback :
A long article discussing Factory 798 exhibitions and the Beijing Art Scene, by Al Photos included.
Article reviewing todays Beijing Modern Art Scene
A Factory's Fresh Canvas:
Short Description of Factory 798 by China Daily
Beihai Visit by Kathryn Linge
Random-IZE Beijing
A review of the Beijing International video and art festival 2003
includes good map !
Random-IZE Beijing Information  Website
Beijing - Gender Bender :
A preview of multimedia art event at the Yan Club ( at Factory 798)
Yan Club Art Event Short Description
Beihai Description 2
Art Gala debuts in Beijing - Biennale 2003 Beijing :
The english Language ( Official ) China Daily Newspaper
A preview of Beijing Art Biennale 2003
Bullish in Beijing :
A good description and article on many aspects of todays modern Art in Beijing.
Good overall discussion of Beijing Art, Factory 798 complex, etc
Beijing Dashanzi Art District - FACTORY 798 HOMEPAGE :
The Home-web of the 798 Factory, Dashanzi District,Beijing, China.
Homepage of the Dashanzi 798 Art Factory
Vibes Beijing Sources
Vibes Beijing :
Contact information and business hours by
Vibes info link 1
Vibes Beijing :
Business hours by
Vibes info link 1
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