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In the eastern chamber of warmth in the Kunning Palace the nuptial chamber of Emperors is located. In this room the Emperors Kangxi, Tongzhi and Guangxu is celebrated their wedding.

The Palace of Kindliness and Tranquility is where Empress-Dowager Hzu-Tsi lived until the official end of her status as Regent in 1889 AD, when Emperor Guangxu turned age 19 and married. The Empress-Dowager, as was custom at the Court, retired and moved residence. Not unimportantly, here retirement Palace would become the Ning Shou Gong, or Palace of Peaceful Old Age, the Retirement Palace of one of the Greatest Emperors of the Ching Dynasty, who, coincidentally, held powers over his succeeding Emperor untill the end of his Life. As it would turn out, Hzu-Tsi's intentions may have been similar.
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This Kun Ning Gong, truely a Palace of Peace and Tranquillity, was Emperor Qianlong's favorite Palace dwelling and his Palace after Retirement as emperor, becoming -as described by Reginal Fleming Johnston, a "Super Emperor".
The greatest of all Ching Dynasty Emperor's ..
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