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The Imperial Palace Museum
- Nei Ting - East Long Corridor -
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Decorative Motif on Wall in Forbidden City Bejing, China
Decorative Motif on Wall in Forbidden City Bejing, China Photographic Print
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An overview of Chongwen District & Monuments
The Eastern Palace of Abstinence
The Southern Entrance to the Eastern Long Coridor of the Inner Court. The Pavilion underneath and East of the Gate was the former location of the dreaded Starbucks-outlet inside the Forbidden City.
This non-chinese entity inside the sacred Palace Walls has now been closed under Public Pressure. We expect it will become a Tea House instead.
The view North along the Eastern Long Coridor of the Inner Court. In the distance the Gate giving access to the Palace Garden, with as a background the Pavilions of Jingshan, the Coal Hill and Park.
The First Gate inside the Eastern Long Corridor. This Minor decorated Gate gives access to the Outer Court and Ceremonial Entrance Gate of the Zhai Gong, the Hall & Palace of Abstinence.
Workers of the Palace Museum make only small figures inside the Eastern Long Corridor.
Cross back West to the Central Palaces of the Inner Court, the Palace of Heavenly Purity and Palace of Earthly Tranquility.
Major Decorated Gate leading North to the Yu Huan Yuan - Palace Gardens & Rockeries.
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