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The Golden River bridges of the Outer Court symbolize the Five Virtues of Confucianism. Naturally, one must conquer temptations and distractions using the Five Virtues in order to vross the Golden River and enter into a more enlightened Realm.
The Five virtues are: Righteousness, Benevolence, Fidelity, xxx, etc...

The River itself is intended
to be a Jade Ribbon ....
The square between Wu Men, the Meridian Gate and Tai He Men, the Gate of Supreme Harmony is the largest Square in the Palace.
The Entrance from WuMen , The Gate of The Meridian
View of white marble Golden River Bridges between Wu Men and TaiHe Men , the Gate of Supreme
Harmony. The distance appears
Tai He Men, the Gate of Supreme Harmony is the Main Ceremonial Gate of the Outer Court. During the Ming Dynasty Officials, who gathered  on invitation before dawn outside of Wu Men, were let into the square in front of Tai He Men where they would be audienced by the Emperor from the Gate Platform.
This tradition was continued during the earlier Reigns of the Qing Dynasty, at which times the more arduous Emperors held audience at dawn, and banquets inside the square on other occasions. Later Qing Emperors held audience at the Inner Court.
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The Imperial Palace Museum
Outer Court (Wai Chou) - Central
- The Golden River Bridges , Inner Golden Stream -
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Bronze Lion Guarding the Gate of Supreme Harmony
Bronze Lion Guarding the Gate of Supreme Harmony Photographic Print
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To the Western Outer Road ...
To the Western Outer Road ...
Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Forbidden City, Beijing, China Photographic Print
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Having been insulted previously by the Christians, the Dutch and the British themselves, the Earl Macartney insisted on breaking of Qing Court protocol, and seeing himself as representative of an equal nation, at least - Macartney agreed only to bow to The Manchu Throne only, instead of the usual Kowtow.
When the Earl Macartney and his Embassy were finally invited to come to the Palace, they were woken up in the early morning and rushed through the Gate of the Meridian and likely, the Gate of Genuine Virtue to attend a ceremony at what they thought would be the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Instead, they were ushered into the great courtyard beyond only to be confronted by the Grand Mandarin of the Board of Rites, and the Emperors Golden Silk Armchair upon which rested a scroll. Baffled and outwitted, the Embassy was forced to "bow" to an empty cahir, after which they were thrown out along with the message from the Emperor Qianlong which elegantly yet boldly declared the British wares which they insisted upon trading, were useless to his people and the Nation at large. They were kindly requested to take a long time before sending another Embassy, which would then be welcomed so that it may pay hommage to the Chinese Throne.
YouTube Video: Forbidden City Legenda (4 of 6) - 1793 AD The Macartney Embassy dismissed by the Qianlong Emperor.
In the year 1793, when the illustrious Macartney Embassy reached being with its high aim of finally forcing open the gates of the Chinese Nation to foreign imports and trade it was received but coldly.
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To the Eastern Outer Road via the East Gate of Harmony
To the Eastern Outer Road via the East Gate of Harmony
To the Eastern Outer Road via the East Gate of Harmony
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