A glimpse of TaiHe Dian and Harmony Square through a TaiHeMen heavy door .
The tallest Timber Gate inside the " Da Nei " , the Great within of the innermost Imperial City. Part of the outer Court and the Central Ceremonial Route, the Gate of Supreme Harmony gives access to the largest square inside The Palace and of course the magnificient Hall of Supreme Harmony, the main ceremonial Throne Hall and the Central point of the Imperial Palace. TaiHe Dian, the Hall of Supreme Harmony in it's turn is not only home to The Dragon Throne but is the largest standing timber hall in all of China today.

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Looking back through TaiHe Men's interior towards WuMen (Meridian Gate) in the exact South.
Solid oak Wooden Door studded with bronze studs. Central in TiaHe Men's Interior..
Richly decorated and elaboratly designed ceiling woodwork, somewhat faded but clearly with Imperial Dragons motif. The Palace has recently been repaired and renovated, welcoming the visitor with new paint and flying colors.
Overlooking Harmony Square from it's South Side at TaiHe Men. TaiHe Dian , the great Hall of Supreme Harmony holding the Dragon Throne bathing Peacefully in the morning sun
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