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Monument of the May the 4Th
Beijing May 4Th Movement Monument Online Resources
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General Links on the May the 4Th Movement :
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Modern History - The May the 4Th Movement (1919)
A Short Summary on the origins and nature of the May the 4Th 1919 AD Political Movement.
By the University of Columbia, USA.
May the 4Th - Loss of Shandong - from German hands to Japan !
Explanation of the Versailles Treaty and the Fate of Shandong
A Short Explanation of the Article 156 of the Versailles Treaty that ended World War I for Europe and the Betrayal of China by putting Shandong from German Hands into Japanese Hands.
Well informed Summary of the Warlord Era
A long but not too detailed information page with Maps and Photos on the 20Th Century  Warlord Era in China, beginning with the disintegration of the First Republic of China.
More on the Warlord Era Government of Beijing
A long information page with on the Beijing City and Province Government during the Warlord Era (1916 AD - 1928 AD). The Beiyang Government ordered the suppression of the May the 4Th Protests in Beijing. By
Summary of the May 4Th Movement
A Lenghty Information Page with multiple angles on the May the 4th Protest in Beijing and the subsequent Political Movement that swept China. By
Philosopher of the May 4Th Movement
Short page on Li Dazhao, early 20Th Century Beijing Writer and co-founder of the China Communist Party in Shanghai in 1921.
Co-Founder of the Modern Chinese State Chen Duxiu
Short Page on Chen Duxiu, founding Leader of the May 4Th Movement, New
May 4Th Leader and thinker Zhu Qianzhi
Short Page on Zhu Qianzhi, influential thinker of China's early Revolution and the May 4Th Movement.
The May the 4Th Movement (1919)
Lenghty article describing the backgrounds of the May 4Th 1919 Student Protests in Beijing sparking a National Movement.
By the
May the 4Th - Loss of Shandong - from German hands to Japan !
Culture Movement and founder of the China Communist Party.
Philosopher of the May 4Th Movement
A short page on Li Shicen, early 20Th Century Chinese Philosopher inspired by Nietzche and influential thinker behind the May 4Th 1919 AD Movement. By
Leaders of the May 4Th Movement :
Jingshan Pailou Gate, the scene of the December 12Th 1936 Anti-Japanese Student Protest in Beijing, taking the route of the Avenue of the May the 4Th.
Ideology & Politics in China 1911-1923
China in Ideological Reorganization, 1912-1921: Intellectual Changes 中國思想改革 - Lenghty discussion of the Political Events and emotions leading up to the May the 4Th 1919 AD and its Movement.
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This page was last updated on: June 19, 2017
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