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General Links on the Tian Ning Temple
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Relics of the Ancient Capital  :
- A short but valuable description of the TianNing Pagoda.
By Beijing Youth Net
TianNing Temple listed as a Relic of Ancient Beijing Times
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The Best Chinese Book on Pagodas translated to English !
Source Book "Historic Chinese Pagoda's"
( available from our Online Store )
Source Books on Tian Ning Temple
New Churches to be Built to Destroy More  :
- A valuable description of current modernizations in Fengtai District , near the TianNing Pagoda. Includes information on TianNing Temple and its reconstruction and subsequent opening in 2005.. 
By (source- China Daily)
Information on TianNing Temple revival from China Daily Sate Newspaper
So far the Best Source Book we have encountered on Chinese Pagoda's. Book includes a wide explanation and description of origins of Pagodas, features and architectural styles. Full description of all Pagodas province by province.
Looking up at TianNing Pagoda from it's Base
Beijing Renovating TianNing Temple  :
- News bulletin on plans for renovations of TianNing Temple in preparations for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.
China Daily on TianNing Temple renovations
Beijing Restoring 1500 year old Temple  :
- Other News bulletin with more details on plans for renovations of TianNing Temple in preparations for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.
By English People's Daily
China Daily on TianNing Temple renovations
Ancient Temple gets Olympic Face-lift  :
- Xinhuanet bulletin with historic details on TianNing Temple, and financial details of renovations of TianNing Temple.
Wei Dynasty Temple, Liao Dynasty Pagoda
Getting Around - TianNing Temple  :
- A desription of possibility of Boat Tour of TianNing Temple and surrounding district with odd details.
China Daily on TianNing Temple renovations
Sources on Chinese Pagodas in China
The generate method of multi-story Chinese Pagodas  :
- A full desription of building methods common to Pagodas throughout centuries and dynasties, explaining multple designs and features.
Pagodas from engineering and architectural viewpoints
Ancient Pagodas in China :
- A full desription of building methods common to Pagodas and a multitude of famous examples with their feautures on this website dedicated to the Chinese Medicine and Bookshop.
Enjoy China's Famous Pagodas a whole Listing and Report
TianNing Pagoda site under renovations in November 2003. Seen from South Gate.
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