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Xi Lugou Qiao.
On April 15, more than 100 Yihetuan ("Boxer Movement" members gathered at Lugouqiao outside Beijing, passing out notices against foreign powers and missionaries.

The Famed Marco Polo Bridge was later again at the center of Colonial History when the Japanese provoked the so called Marco Polo Bridge Incident, finally igniting the unified war of resistance against Japan.
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Lugou Qiao - Marco Polo Bridge
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Xi Lugou Qiao.
The bridge shortly became a focus-point in Beijing, when in April of 1900 AD it became a political bastion of the Yihetuan Movement.

When Yihetuan set up their first association in 1898 AD, it only consisted of a hundred or more members. The Movement that originated in Shandong soon spread to Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin in less than a year’s time.

On April 15 of 1900 AD, more than 100 Yihetuan members gathered at Lugouqiao outside Beijing, passing out notices against foreign powers and missionaries.
They tore up rails along the line from Lugouqiao to Baoding, burned down railway stations, demolished bridges and cut telegraph lines to the great horror of foreigners in Beijing.

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