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Beijing International Zoo - Online Resources
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General Links on Beijing Zoo
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Beijing Attractions - Beijing Zoo  :
A short but valuable description of the Beijing Zoo. No Photos.
TianNing Temple listed as a Relic of Ancient Beijing Times
China Report
Beijing Zoo :
Valuable description of Beijing Zoo and its history, complete description
By China.Org.Cn
China's Official Tourist Website on Beijing Zoo
Sources on Panda's in China at
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Beijing Zoo Official Website :
The one and only official website by the Beijing Zoo, Beijing, China.
Official Website of the Beijing Zoo
Les Zoos Dans le Monde - Beijing Zoo :
French language description of Beijing Zoo and its history, detailed and complete description with other information than most.
A French Lesson and Knowledge on Beijing Zoo !!
Wikipedia - Beijing Zoo :
As usual a great resource on the Beijing Zoo giving most historical details and great photos of both animals and early 20Th Century, late Ching Architecture at the Zoo.
Wikpedia - Beijing Zoo backgrounds and Map
Smithsonian Institute National Zoo - Looking for answers in China's Panda breeding Centers  - Beijing Zoo :
Some interesting information on the new panda Quarters and the Panda Breeding Station at Beijing Zoo. Great Stuff !
Inside knowledge from The renowned Smithsonian Institute
Man Bites Panda at Beijing Zoo
A Bizarre incident at Beijing Zoo in september 2006, illustrating the attitude towards animals and the general ignorance of the public on wildlife and environmental issues in China.
A Hard Panda Life ?
Virtual - Tourist Traps in Beijing :
An online forum giving the latest opinions on Beijing Zoo. By locals as well as international travelers. Very open and often critical of the Zoo.
Tourist Online Forum discussing Beijing Zoo
A Dull Introduction to Beijing Zoo !!
A Dull Introduction to Beijing Zoo !!
People offer Pro's and Contra's  over Beijing Zoo's removal :
A China Daily article on the discussions in 2004, following the  proposals by some high city officals. The general Beijing Public is not enthousiastic.
An article on the discussion around possible Beijing Zoo Move
Giant Panda going Overseas :
A Chinese Government website article on the International Panda's, the Panda loan program and the international breedings programs history.
An article on the discussion around possible Beijing Zoo Move
Introduction to China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA) :
A rather short introduction to the program and definition of. With contact address and information, how to donate, etc.
By www.ifce.Org (International Fund for China's Environment)
Definition of
Nature Magazine DVD - The Gaint Panda of China
Nature Magazine - Panda's. The Panda Documentary DVD.
Buy it at Movie Universe - Click Here
Sources on Panda's in International Zoo's
All About Panda's (at The Washington National Zoo) :
A Full Panda dedicated website from the Washington National Zoo in Washington, DC, USA. They received Giant Panda's on more than one occasion. Includes live ! Panda-Cam with Images from Washington Zoo.
The Washington National Zoo Panda Site !ijing Zoo Move
Full Introduction to Giant Panda's of China :
A near complete introduction to Giant Panda's with many links to sub-subjects. Fotos, history, etc.
Wikipedia on Giant Panda's
Panda Zoo's in the World - Where can we meet the Giant Panda ? :
A Full Listing of Zoo's that are home to Giant Panda's around the World. Includes names of Panda's, details of number of babies born, dates, links to Zoo Websites and more.
By Xiong Miao, a Personal Website by a Panda Fan.
Panda Fan and Expert Xiong Miao on Panda's of the World Zoo's
World Wildlife Fund - Giant Pandas :
Very detailed information on Giant Panda's, China's conservation activities, current habitats of Giant Panda's, breeding program, ongoing conservation programs in China and the world, and other wortwhile details on Giant Panda's.
World Wildlife Fund on Giant Panda's
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