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Mao Zedong Former Residence
- Hunan Guild Hall at Nanbajie Hutong in Caishikou -
Mao Zedong Former Residence at Caishikou Introduction -
Welcome to Beijing Oriental Plaza at East Eternal Peace Avenue.

Visitors to the Fa Yuan Si, Source of the Law Temple in the Caishikou area of the Xuanwu District will be delighted to find out that a former home of Mao Zedong lies in the same hutong area just a few alley✧s away from the Temple.
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Buddhist Source of the Law Temple -
The Fayuan Si. Etc etc.
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A view towards the East from Chang An Club at DongChangÁn Jie'. Grand Hotel Beijing with behind it Oriental Plaza are bathing in sunlight.
Zheng Yi Road, a 19Th Century Park Lane through the Former Foreign Legation (European) Quarter
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Mao Zedong Former Residence at Caishikou - How to get There -
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The home is an ordinary type of Hutong dwelling and would almost be mistaken for yet another hutong dwelling if it were not for the obvious official plaquettes promoting the site as a state protected historical relic of the city.
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Satellite Image Map of Mao Zedong Residence at Caishikou and surrounding area of Beijing, by - Mastermap of Asia (entire). weergeven op een grotere kaart
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Full Map of the Beijing Subway System of 2015 AD
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Xinhua Men - Gate of New China
Click to for an Introduction to Zhongnanhai
West of TiananMen on Chang An Avenue the Gate of New China is the south gate to ZhongNanHai, a former Imperial Garden and Lake, now home to the Leadership of China and its Communist Party. Find out what is known about this secret Palace.
Former Residences of Mao Zedong and other Mao related sites in Beijing :
Click to for information on MaoZedong's Former Beijing Home North of the Bell-Tower
Fragrant Hills Hotel
In 1949 AD, after his arrival by airplane on March 25Th in Beijing, Mao Zedong and the Central Committee of the Communist Party stayed at a Villa in the Western Hills. Now known as the Fragrant Hills Hotel and located inside the Fragrant Hills Park in far west Haidian District, the Hotel annex Former Home of Mao can be visited.
Mao Zedong 1st Former Residence in Beijing at beancurd pond lane near the ancient Bell Tower.
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Beancurd Pond Lane
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Very accurate and up to date Map of Beijing City Center , complete area of the Palace Museum (Forbidden City), Square of Heavenly Peace, Beihai (North Lake) Park, the South and Middle Lakes (Zhongnanhai) and area's of surrounding districts of Xicheng, Dongcheng, Chongwen and Xuanwu. Map detail includes names of alley's (Hutong) and even side alley's.

Map clearly marks the location of all Landmarks, Historic Monuments, hotspots and various sites of interest within the map area. Please browse the map and follow the links to additional information, maps and photo's of each location and site.
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