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Find Xian Small Goose Pagoda easily located in the
Small Goose Pagoda
XiaoYan Ta
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A Map of Hepingmen, Liu Lichang Street and Area of Xuanwu
All Beijing Maps used in Xian Report
Xian , South District
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Map of Entire Central Xian within City Walls
Liu Lichang , meaning "Tile Factory " is a smaller street ....
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A Bibliography of Links to More Information on Xianfu Temple & Pagoda
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Pagoda = Religious Building, typically a scared tower of Pyramidal Form or sveral stories in height (buddhist tower). Found in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, Japan, China, etc.
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This page was last updated on: June 6, 2017
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*) Landmarks & Monuments of Xian - Aphabetical Index
1) Xian Jianfu Temple - Directions and Introduction
2) Jianfu Temple North Gate
3) Jianfu Temple West Flank
4) North Temple Garden
5a) Xiaoyan Ta - Southern Pagoda Base
5b) Xiaoyan Ta - Climb to the Top
6) Main Temple Halls & Gardens
7) Main Southern Boulevard 1
8) Main Southern Boulevard 2
9) Temple Historic Bells
10) Pagoda West Gardens
11) Pagoda East Gardens
M) Xian City - Overview Map
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