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Landmarks & Hot-Spots - In Alphabetical Order
Landmarks, Monuments, Hotspots
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Xian Landmarks & Hot-Spots
This page serves as a quick menu and alphabetically ordered menu of all historic landmarks, scenic sights and other travelers hot spots in the city of Xian. Included in the listing are locations within the old city, the southern district, the Lintung District and various other renowned historic locations and tourist destinations within the immediate area of the city notably in Xianyang and the western extremes of Weinan Prefecture.

Browse the alphabetically ordered list and navigate to a full report on each, with photos and video where available.
Visit the Bell Tower and Central Square
Visit the Bell Tower and Central Square
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Zheque International
Tennis Club
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The Official Xian Shaanxi Introduction Book, by Provincial Governement of Shaanxi Province.
Buddhist Bonanza at the Great Goose Pagoda
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The Pyramid-Tombs West of Xian at Lintung
Shaanxi Province Museum of Art
Shaanxi Province Art Museum
Shaanxi International Exhibition Center and Stadium
16 Kilometers of Defensive Walls encircling the magnificient Old City of Xi'An
The International Tennis Club in the South District
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A Shopping Excursions in the East District - Furniture
Xian Governement Furniture Factory & Outlet
Banpo Neolithic Village and Museum
Ba River Bridge (Sorrow-stricken Bridge)
Bei Lin - Stele Museum
BellTower Hotel
Bell Tower Square
Bell & Drum tower Square
Blue Dragon Temple
Gaoguizi Mansion
Golden Monkey Nature Reserve
Governement Furniture Factory
Great Goose Pagoda
Great Mosque of Xi'An
Da Cien Si (Great Benefaction Temple or Great Goose Pagoda)
Daming Palace of the Tang Dynasty
Daxingshan Temple (--)
Drum Tower
Drum Tower Square
Du City God Temple
Tang Dynasty City Wall Relics Park
Tang Dynasty Palace (Huaqing)
Tang Dynasty Show Restaurant
Tang Paradise (Great Goose Pagoda Relics Park)
Tennis Club - Zheque
Thatched Roof Temple (Caotang Si)
Tomb o/t Jingdi Emperor of the Han Dynasty
Traditional Open Market
Traditional Street - ShuYuanMen E + West
Train Station - Main (Xian Zhan)
Train Station - North (Bei Zhan)
Caotang Temple (Thatched Roof Temple)
Central Business District (New)
Central Belltower Square
Changle Gate (Changle Men)
Changle Gate (Outer) Square
Changle Park (Changle Gongyuan)
Chin 1st Emperor Mausoleum - Terracotta Warrior Army
City Market
City Wall - East Gate
City Wall - South Gate
City Walls of the Han Dynasty Relics Park
City Walls of the Tang Dynasty Relics Park
Confucius Temple
Mall - KaiYuan Shopping Mall
Mausoleum of the 1st Qin Emperor
Mingsheng Palace (Mingsheng Gong)
Museum of History
Museum of Terracotta Warriors (Qin Shuhuang Mausoleum Site Museum)
Muslim Quarter
Muslim Quarter - Great Mosque
Mu Ta Si Park (Mutasi Gongyuan)
Shaanxi Museum of History
Shaanxi History Museum
Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum
Shaanxi Sports Museum
Shaanxi TV Tower
Shangguan Zhaotong Wan'Er Tomb
Shangqin Gate (Shangqin Men)
Shangde Gate (Shangde Men)
Shiyuan Park (Xian Shiyuan Gongyuan)
ShuYuanMen Traditional Street - East
ShuYuanMen Traditional Street - West
Silk Road Qundiao (Silk Road East Gate Monument)
Small Goose Pagoda (XiaoYan Ta)
Sorrow-stricken Bridge (Ba River Bridge)
South City Gate
South Street
Stele Museum (Bei Lin)
Striped Tiger Rock
(General) Zhang Xueliang (Former) Mansion & Museum
Zheque Tennis Club
Zhuque Gate (Zhuque Men) - Old City South Main Gate
International Airport Xi'An Xianyang
International Exhibition Center of Shaanxi Province
International Horticultural Exposition Park 2011
National Geodetic Origin Site (Xianyang Origin of Earth)
New City Yellow Tower
Night Life
North Street
North Train Station (Bei Zhan)
Warrior Tuozhan (--)
Wei River (Wei He)
Wenchang City Gate (Wenchang Men)
West Street
West Yangshi Street Mosque
Wugong Military Airbase (PLAAF)
Anding Gate (Anding Men)
Anyuan Gate (Anyuan Men ; North Gate)
Army of Terracotta Warriors
Lintung Hotsprings
Lianhu Park (Lianhu Gongyuan)
Lishan Mountain National Forest Park
Lubai Farm Wu Theme Park
Nightlife in the Capital of Shaanxi Province
Xian City Nightlife
An Introduction to North Street in Central Xian
North Street of Central Xi'An
An Introduction to South Street in Central Xian
South Street of Central Xi'An
Shaanxi International Exhibition Center and Stadium
New CBD - Central Business District under Construction
ShuYuanMen Traditional Street - heart of the inner city hutong
The athmosphere of Old Xian - at and around ShuYuan Men
Old City Moat
Old City Side-Streets
A Look behind the Scenes of the Modernising Inner City ...
Inner City Side-Streets of the Old City
KaiYuan Shopping Mall
A Shopping Excursions inside The Mall at Central Belltower Square
KaiYuan Shopping Mall at Central Belltower Square
Xian's Ancient Belltower at the Central Belltower Square
ShuYuanMen Traditional Street - heart of the inner city hutong
The Tang Dynasty Restaurant and Show - Famous throughout China
An Impression of Drum Tower Square
Kite-flying and Family Fun at Drum Tower Square
Shaanxi International Exhibition Center and Stadium
Shaanxi International Exhibition Center
A Shopping Excursions in the East District - Furniture
Xian's Famous Great (Wild) Goose Pagoda, at Da Cien Si in the Southern District
The Mythical Story of Monk XuaZhang, The Monkey King and the Holy Buddhist Scriptures of Immortality
Source Book "Journey to The West (3 Parts)"
( No longer available from our Online Store )
Xi'An City Walls
Xi'An City Walls Park (--)
Xiangji Temple (--)
Xi'An International Conference Center
Xi'An Martyrs' Cemetery
Xi'An Xianyang International Airport
XiaoYan Ta (Small Goose Pagoda)
Xingjao Temple
Xingqing Palace (Xingqing Gong)
Xinjieyuan Park (Xinjieyuan Gongyuan)
Take a Full Tour of XiaoYan Ta - or the Small Goose Pagoda inside JianFu Temple, one of the ancient historic landmarks of Xian's southern District.
Zheng YiCi - The Oldest Wooden Theatre in China
JianFu Temple (with Small Goose Pagoda)
Dwell the Grounds of JianFu Temple and Climb the Small Goose Stone Pagoda !
Jianfu Temple - the Tang Dynasty Temple home to Smaller Goose pagoda
Dwell the Grounds of JianFu Temple and Climb the Small Goose Stone Pagoda !
The Most Important Mosque in China's long and rich History, a living relic of the Silk Road. Make a Full Tour of Xian's Great Mosque !
Hahui Kaleqi Amusement Park
Han Dynasty Chang'An City Wall Relics Park
Han Jing Mausoleum (Tomb of Jingdi Emperor o/t Han Dynasty)
Han Dynasty Yang Mausoleum (Han Yangling)
Hotel Royal Xi'An
Hongqing Mountain National Forest Park
Huancheng Park (Hauncheng Gongyuan)
Hyatt Hotel of Xi'An
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Eastern Gate and City Wall
East Street
Eternal Peace Temple (Chang An Ta)
One of the four main city Gates , . the East Gate marking the Old City of Xi'An near Hyatt Hotel
Scout out the Eastern City Gate and City Wall !!
Famen Temple
Fengqing Park (Fengqing Gongyuan)
Five Bay Hall & Tower of Remonstration By Armed Forces
Foreign Language Bookstore
How to find and Basic Information on Hyatt of Xian City
The Hyatt Hotel of Xi'An
on East Street
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Revolution Park (--)
Qinglong Temple (--)
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(General) Yang Hucheng Villa (Angelica Garden)
Yangling Mausoleum o/t Han Dynasty
Yongxingfan (--)
Peony Park (--)