- 1 Arrival at Yungang Shi' Ku World Heritage Site -
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Yungang Grottoes
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Tour the Drum Tower of Beijing !
Tour the Drum Tower of Beijing !
A view from the Taxi stop at Yungang Grottoes Site along the Main Entrance Boulevard,
near empty in winter. There are
the usual tourist shops and a few
restaurants and tea-rooms to
warm up in. Don't expect anything
more !
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--------> For those in need of some physical action, or just longing to re-enact a Silk Road drive, there are usually one or more Camels on standby. Just as in ancient times Yungang Caves provide the life blood to the surrounding poor villages. Now in the form of some tourist dollars.
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Full detail Geographical Map of the Area of Datong and Wu Tai Shan Mountains of North-Shanxi Province, West-Hebei Province, Beijing, BoaDing and ShiJiaZhuang.
Includes location of Datong Great Wall of China Pass (YanMenGuan), the Hanging Monastry of Hunyuan Village, Mu Ta Pagoda at Ying Xiang  Village, the Yungang Caves Site at Yungang Village and the Wu Tai Shan Holy Mountain Area of North China.
Geograpical overview of the Area between Datong and Beijing
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China Report - Map of the Ancient Silk Road during the Han Dynasty & Roman Age 1
A Schematic Map depicting other details along the Full Length and main pathways of the Ancient Silk Road during the Han Dynasty Period (206 BC - 221 AD).
As seen from China the Silk Road extends due Westward from Chang'An (Xian) the Han & (later) Tang Dynasty Capital. The Yellow River is crossed at Lanzhou, after which Dunhuang is the Last Station. This Map depicts the Lost Civilizations of Loulan and Hotan, as well as the south route and north route of the Silk Road coming together at Dunhuang in current day Gansu Province of China.
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A 2nd Schematic Map of the Silk Road during the Roman Age. In 30 BC the Roman Empire started trading with India, which was already well known from the Conquest of Alexander the Great (+/- 330 BC). In the following 6 centuries the West would Trade with India and indirectly also with China through the Silk Road. The Silk Road only lost its Value after the European Age of Discovery and the Establishment of Maritime Trade Routes with India (16Th Century) and later China.
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A Full Google Earth Supported Map of Yungang Grottoes Site by Google.com.
The China Report introduced on Levels of its Online Publishing's in April of 2009, including the Yungang Site.
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Full Google Map of Datong, North Shanxi Province.
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This page was last updated on: June 6, 2017
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M) Map of Yungang Grottoes World Cultural Heritage Site
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2) Yungang Caves - Qing Dynasty Era Pavilion
3) Yungang Caves - Yungang Caves History Exhibition
4) Yungang Caves - Cave 6 Central Cave
5) Yungang Caves - Cave 7-8 West
6) Yungang Caves - Cave 9 West
7) Yungang Caves - Cave 10 West
8) Yungang Caves - Cave 13 West
9) Yungang Caves - Cave 17 & 18 West
10) Yungang Caves - Cave 19 and beyond (West)
S) Yungang Caves - Online Sources
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