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This page was last updated on: May 31, 2017
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This page was last updated on: May 31, 2017
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Lhasa City Hotels - Hotels in Lhasa
A wide number of Chinese owned and run Hotels is
available in the City of Lhasa. Most of the best hotels are
however Chinese owned and run, the revenue coming
to the benefit of Chinese Companies while paxes are
payed to the State of the Peoples Republic of China. In addition, these Hotels frequently hire Chinese staff whereas employing few local Tibetans leading to criticism.
Due to the the different levels of economic well being between the Han Chinese and Tibetan population, Tibetans have been economically marginalized over decades and so today Tibetan owned and run Hotels are scarce. They do however exist.
As many Hotels are Chinese owned and run establishments the revenue of which does not come to the benefit of Tibetans, companies who do not tend to employ many Tibetan Staff, we do recommend you take time to sort out your attitudes and perhaps take the opportunity to stay at a genuine Tibetan owned and run Hotel establishment.

Very recently, several new Hotels have come under construction
including controversially at least one Hotel owned by the
International Hotel Chain known as "Intercontinental Hotels and
Resorts". As a result Intercontinental has already been faced with
personal ban's, calls for Boycott via various social media channels
and demonstrations at various Intercontinental Hotel locations
world wide.
International investments in the Tibetan Tourism Industry are highly
controversial. Most International Hotel Chains have reservations
about the ethics of entering into business within Tibet, especially in
Tibet Autonomous Region and the symbolic center of the Tibetan Soul, the city of Lhasa. Rightly, they are also afraid of negative sentiments arising from any decision to build and do business in Tibet today. It is not therefor expected many International Hotel Companies will follow the example now set by Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts.
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Lhasa Hotel Listing :
Only an incomplete listing of Hotels in Lhasa can be given here. Check the various Booking Options for Lhasa for available rooms.
Satellite Image Map of Lhasa and surrounding area of Tibet, by

View - Mastermap of Asia (entire). in a larger map
Complete Listing + Booking of available Hotels in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China (PRC).
- Manzhai Hotel; Due south west of Jokhang Temple.
  Located near north end of Jidui Alley on the west side
  just south of intersection with Balang South Street.
- Bakuo Street Nuozeng Hotel. At intersection Barkhor
  Street (Chinese: Bakuo) and Balang South Street due
  west of Manzhai Hotel (adjacent).

- Dongha Family Hotel; located on Lugu 1st Alley, due
  south of Jokhang Temple
- Amdo Jusheng Hotel; set due south of Jokhang Temple
- Labuleng Hotel; set due south of Jokhang Temple.

- Lhasa Hotel; On Minzu (Peoples) Middle Road at walking distance due north of the Main (East) Gate of
  Norbulingka Park.
- Tibet Hotel; on Beijing Middle Road, at walking distance north east of Norbulingka Palace, Garden and
- Lhasa Tedang Hotel; located in a small circular park off Beijing West Road, exactly due north of
  Norbulingka Palace.
- Xueren Hotel; a small Hotel situated along the north side of Beijing West Road adjacent the Bank of
  China. Alike the Lhasa Tsedang Hotel it lies due north of the Norbulingka Palace at a fair walking
- Sanjiangyuan Hotel; on the west side of Luding Middle Road, which is the one main road on the west
  and hind side of Norbulingka Palace a park.
- Yingli Hotel; on the west and hind side of Norbulingka Palace and park on Luding Middle Road right
  across from Sanjiangyuan Hotel.
- Jindun Hotel; situated north west of Norbulingka Palace and Garden at the intersection of Beijing West
  Road and Luding Road.

Last but not least, the Yundekangzhuo Hostel and Sunda Hostel are available slightly further west and behind the Norbulingka Palace on the opposite side of the Zhonggan Canal that borders this section of the city on the north and west side.  Reach both Hotsels via Beijing West Road or walk across the bridge spanning the Zhonggan Canal and connecting to a space directly west of Luding Road.
Satellite Image Map of Lhasa and surrounding area of Tibet, by
- Jiangsu Ecological Garden Hotel; part of the Lhasa Conference Center on Tianzhu Island in the Lhasa
- Xianzu Island Holiday Village Hotel ; located on the Tianzu Island in the Lhasa River due east of the
  Lhasa Conference Center.
- Xianzu Dao Holiday Manor; part of the Xianzu Island Holiday Village.
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