Tiantan - Temple of Heaven Park II
- Fasting Palace (Abstinence) -
(6) Southern Exit & Gardens
Built in 1420 AD at the dawning of Beijing ....
Internet Bibliography on Tiantan and Park
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Map of the Temple of Heaven and surrounding Chongwen District marking the location and position of all main pavilions.
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This page was last updated on: July 4, 2017
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*) Temple of Heaven Park (1) Introduction / Menu
1) Fasting Palace (1) Introduction, Directions, Exterior
2) Fasting Palace - Secondary Gates & Gardens
3) Fasting Palace - Hall of Abstinence (1) Exterior & Platform
4) Fasting Palace - Hall of Abstinence (2) Interior
5) Fasting Palace - Living Hall
6) Fasting Palace - Gardens and Exit ; Suggestions
*) Beijing Temple of Heaven and Park (Tiantan Gongyuan) - Online Sources
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