Beijing Main Railway Station (in very general terms) mainly hosts trains heading North and North-East and East from the City of Beijing. The train to Chengde, the home of the "Fleeing the Heat Mountain Villa" Imperial Summer Resort of the Qing Dynasty in Northern Hebei Province originates here. If you are bound for Tianjin or Qingdao in Shandong Province, this is also your place of departure. Immediatly after leaving the station you will pass by the South-East Corner watchtower of the (former) Ming Dynasty Era City Walls. This Giant Gate, also known as the Red Gate, houses a Famed Modern Art Gallery and gives an excellent view of the Train Stations Platforms and emplacements.
Introduction to Beijing Main Railway Station -
Short Introduction to Beijing Zhan Main Railway Station, located in South-East DongCheng District, just above and inside the (former) City Walls. coming soon !!
Beijing Main Railway Station
- DongCheng District of Beijing -
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Information on the Beijing Main Railroad Station Post & EMS Office
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History of Beijing Zhan Main Railway Station -
On 9 September 1959 Beijing Zhan received one of it's many visitors, famous or humble. This time the special arrival was former (and last) Emperor Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi who returned from his long exile and successive prison-terms, now a free and reformed citizen of The Peoples Republic of China. It was his first visit to Beijing since 1925, when he was whisked away by the Japanese, and this time the former-Emperor Pu Yi was in Beijing to stay. Met by his half-brother Pu Ren, he would start here at the beginning of the last chapter of his complicated and difficult life. Not very long after Pu Yi made his first visit to his former Palace and Home and later even befriended communist Premier and Foreign Minister, the legendary partisan leader Zhou Enlai with whom he would make a lasting Friendship. From here, the former Emperor entered Beijing, to find a home, love, his (part-time) job at the
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Traditional Beijing traffic crosses in Front of Beijing Zhan, Beijing's main railway station.
Beijing's central and main railway station Beijing Zhan with its everpresent crowds of arrivals, cab-drivers, peddlers, waiting families and the like.
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Special Interest Trains from Beijing Main Railway Station -
Beijing Main Railway Station ....
Botanical Gardens and finally the end of his Days.

31st of May 1991, 11:00 AM, Zhang Boli who according to this own story was arriving from Harbin in the North-Western Province of Heilongjiang. Received by a helpful friend at the station. The very same evening this 'dangerous fugitive' .. even met his mother at the Station ..
Boli later managed to travel on to Guangzhou and Hong Kong
and not much later escaped to the United States of America.

Safety & Other Tips for Beijing Main Railway Station -
Beijing Main Railway Station ....
Sound Effect - Diesel Train Engine passing by.
Information on Train to Chengde in Hebei Province
Information on Train to Chengde in Hebei Province
Map of DongCheng District with Location of Dongsi Mosque. Click Map to go to Full Version.
DongCheng District Map
X Marks Location of DongSi Mosque !
Main Menu & Introduction to the Beijing City Transport System
How to Get around the City Province & Great Wall, Etc
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Satellite Image Map of Beijing Main Railway Station and surrounding area of Beijing, by - Mastermap of Asia (entire). weergeven op een grotere kaart
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