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Inside the enclosure stand two ancient Buildings and a small Bell Tower. The first and largest building is the main hall housing the original Library and its valuable scriptures.The second adnex building is in use as the Home of Wanfung Gallery. Both main halls were built in stone, a special and unusual measure especially designed to prevent the burning of the Library.
Two further temporary halls and offcies have been erected inside the square walled enclosure. These two stand at the North of the complex behind the Main Hall, and serve as administration and further exposition space for the Wanfung Gallery.

Artists on exposition: usually domestic from China, but exchanges have been made with artists from the United States, Australia and several other nations.
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The Imperial Palace Museum
- Directions to Imperial Library and Wanfung Gallery -
The Imperial Library or "Beijing Archives" can be found at Nanchizi Dajie', the road leading down south from the Eastern Gates exit to Chang'An avenue, passing through the Park of the Peoples Culture.
The Old Library Building serves as a Museum of Historic relics which has been closed to the public since the 1980's. Inside are a library of ancient scriptures, protective coffins for scriptures and a number of displays of various documents under glass.
Adjacent buildings serve as the home of the Wanfung Modern Art Gallery.

Find the walled enclosure and enter through its red decorated ceramic side Gate which lies at nanchizi Dajie on the West side of the Complex. The original pathway to the Main South Gate has been turned into a small Hutong back alley which serves local citizens as a Garden and backyard.
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Wanfung Gallery
Tel: (8610) 6523 3319/20
Fax: (8610) 6525 3466
No.36 Nanchizi Street,
Dong Cheng District
Beijing, China. 100006
Artists and Exhibitions at The Wanfung Gallery - Beijing - CLICK HERE !

Traditional Building  at The Forbidden City
Traditional Building at The Forbidden City Photographic Print
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A Tour of the Park of the Peoples Culture, formerly part of the Outer Ring of the Forbidden City
CEternal Peace Avenue leading Past TiananMen Gate
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Enter Imperial Vault & Wanfung Art Gallery Grounds
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An ancient Hutong Alley with small Greenhouses ...
Entrance Court
Wanfung Art Gallery
Stele Tower
Main Hall Platform & Interior of Library Vault
Temporary Housing for Wanfrung Art Gallery extension
Main South Gate - Main Ceremonial Entrance (originally)
NanChizi Dajie' - Directions to Library Vault, East Flowery Gate and Donghuamen Night Market
Greenhouse Alley - Remnant of Path to Library Vault Main Gate
East Adnex Hall - Sculpturing Atelier
Main Courtyard (South)
An ancient Hutong Alley with small Greenhouses ...
Click to for information on MaoZedong's Former Beijing Home North of the Bell-Tower
Dong An Gate & Imperial City East Wall Ruins
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An ancient Hutong Alley with small Greenhouses ...
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Art: usually modern paintings from domestic artists. Sometimes Photography.
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Full Map of the Beijing Subway System of 2015 AD
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