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Palace Museum Main Menu
Flowers, Trees, Pavilions and walkways.Old Cedars anf Pine Trees.
Ceremonial archway for sun yat sen.
Front part and other sections frequently in use for a variety of exhibitions as well as cultural activities.
Exhibitions seen throughout the Park: Heroes of the community and stars of the Communist Party. Flowers arrangements between rockeries, brush paintings of flowers and garden themes, exhibitions of chinese lanterns, temporary shows on traditional culture such as Peking Opera and highlights of Literature such as the Journey to the West, the 8 immortals and ofcourse a Dream of Red Mansions.
Explore The Western Stretches of Zhongshan Park
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Head West and Explore the Traditional Pavilions
The Official schematic Map of The Forbidden City, by The Palace Museum.
Click to View Official Map of the Palace
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Go Directly to Forbidden City Concert Hall !!
Walk West along the Moat and Inspect the Ceremonial Pailou Gate
The Imperial Palace Museum
Affiliated Sites - Imperial City
- Sun Yat-Sen Park (ZhongShan GongYuan) -
Go on to West Zhongshan Park
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Find out more about the Great Hall at TiananMen Square !
Man Doing Water Calligraphy on Jingshan (Sun Yet-Sen) Park Pathway Bejing, China
Man Doing Water Calligraphy on Jingshan (Sun Yet-Sen) Park Pathway Bejing, China Photographic Print
Weymouth, Phil

Inside the Park stands the Modern Day Forbidden City Concert Hall, an establishment with a unique reputation. Already famous before, today's Forbidden Ciy concert hall is thriving and regularly dows the crows in a this modern and internationalized city.
Hall of Chinese Idioms, an underground gallery holding a collection ofStatues of all Chinese Emperors in history, including the earliest mythical ones such as the Yellow Emperor and ending with now quite well-known last Emperor Aisin Gioro Pu Yi.
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This page was last updated on: June 26, 2017
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1) Sun Yat-Sen Park (1) Main South Entrance Gate at Tiananmen Square
2) Sun Yat-Sen Park (2) Park Central
3) Sun Yat-Sen (3) West Park
4) Sun Yat-Sen Park (4) Forbidden City Concert Hall
5) Sun Yat-Sen Park (5) Square Altar
6) Sun Yat-Sen Park (6a) Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (Exterior)
7) Sun Yat-Sen Park (6b) Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall (Interior and Exhibition)
*) Satellite Image Overview Map of the Palace Museum