This Park used to be a part of the Imperial Palace, the Gugong. The working people's cultural palace located within Zhongshan Park was historically in use as Shrine to the Imperial Ancestors.

The Architecture of the ancient Imperial Ancestral Shrine is stunning. The Size of the Hall is quite spectacular with large wooden beams and intricately worked eaves and carved dragons. The Dragons, which can be found on the Stone steps as well as the ceramic roofings signify the important former Imperial Status of this building.
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To Wumen - Gate to the Forbidden City
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The Imperial Palace Museum
- Imperial Ancestral Temple (4) South Court & Gate -
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To Wumen - Gate to the Forbidden City
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In September of 1998 AD, a version of Puccini's Turandot was played in the Forbidden City and the Stage was the Imperial Ancestral Shrine now Working people's Cultural Palace, a one of kind setting of ancient architecture and old and bent trees. This first International production was one of the first steps leading to the rising success of China's now famous director Zhang Yimou.

The Park regularly host various international exhibitions in the field of cultural exchange and folk art.
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This page was last updated on: June 23, 2017
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1) Directions to Imperial Ancestral Temple (Tai Miao)- Via FeiLangQiao Hutong
2) Imperial Ancestral Temple (2)  East Flank Park
3) Imperial Ancestral Temple (3)  South Gate Park
4) Imperial Ancestral Temple (4)  South Court and Gate
5) Imperial Ancestral Temple (5)  Central Court and Hall
6) Imperial Ancestral Temple (6)  West Flank
7) Imperial Ancestral Temple (7)  North 3 Gates and Hall
8) Imperial Ancestral Temple (8)  East Flank
*) Imperial Ancestral Temple (Tai Miao) - Online Sources
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