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The Imperial Palace Museum
Inner Court ( Nei Ting)
Palace of Gathering Excellence (Chu Xiu Gong)
Hall of Beautiful Vistas (Lijing Xuan 丽景轩) Courtyard
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The Hall of Beautiful Vistas is home to the collection of Ching Dynasty Art.
" Li Jing Xuan (丽景轩 ; Pavilion of Beautiful Scenery), situated at the back of Chu Xiu Gong, was built in 1535. When Cixi was a concubine, she once lived here and gave birth to the Emperor Tongzhi. In this pavilion there is a small exquisite stage. Empress Dowager Cixi sat on the imperial bed opposite the stage to enjoy the performance of theatrical troupe at her leisure. "
The courtyard and Gate of Heavenly Purity with behind it clearly visible the roof of BaoHe Dian, the last ceremonial Throne Hall of the Outer Court.
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Supposedly, the raised flower beds in front of the Hall of Beautiful Vista's were faced with colorglazed bricks of excellent quality.
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This page was last updated on: June 26, 2017
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4 Rural Districts
1) Palace of Gathering Excellence (1) South Court
2) Palace of Gathering Excellence (2) Interiors
3) Palace of Gathering Excellence (3a) Hall of Beautiful Vistas Courtyard
4) Palace of Gathering Excellence (3b) Hall of Beautifil Vistas Interiors
6) Palace of Gathering Excellence (4) Last Emperor Pu Yi Exhibition
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