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- Nei Ting - Palace of Mental Cultivation (Yang Xin Dian)
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In the Middle of Yang Xin Dian Hall stands a Throne on which the Ching Emperor sat when receiving the various officials for handling Stae Affairs and Official Court Business.
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The Official schematic Map of The Forbidden City, by The Palace Museum.
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The Eastern Chamber of the Yang Xin Dian is known as the Chamber of Warmth. This is the Room in which Empress-Dowagers Cixi and Ci'An sat behind the Throne of Emperor.
Only a thin see-through yellow gauze seperated them from the main space, enabling to either whisper at the Emperor or simply speak for him from behind the Curtain.
This period of the Ching Dynasty Rule, in which initially both the eastern and western dowager ruled for the immature Emperor, while seated behind a screen in the space behind the Imperial Throne, is known as "The Reign Behind the Curtain".
After eliminating the Empress Ci'An, widow of  late Emperor Hsien Feng (Reign 1850-1862 AD), the evil Empress-Dowager Cixi would rule for a lenghty 48 years, always one step ahead of her mortal enemies.
Another famous feature of the Mind Cultivation Palace is the Hall of Three Rarities, here the works of three leading ancient chinese caligraphers were kept during the period of the last Dynasty, it's name refering to it's function.
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This page was last updated on: June 25, 2017
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1) Palace of Mental Cultivation (1) Directions and Main South Entrance Gate
2) Palace of Mental Cultivation (2) Front (South) Court
3) Palace of Mental Cultivation (3) Interiors
4) Palace of Mental Cultivation (4) Annex Halls of Hall of State Satisfaction
5) Palace of Mental Cultivation (5) Court of Hall of State Satisfaction
6) Palace of Mental Cultivation (6) Hall of State Satisfaction Interiors
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