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The Imperial Palace Museum
Nei Ting - Palace of Immortality  (Yong Shou Gong)
- Entrance Way 1 -
The Longevity Hall (Chang shou gong) or Palace of Immortality, built in the Ming period, served as a temporary resting place for the body of Qianlong's empress before her burial. In 1884, when Empress Dowager  Cixi lived there, it was frequently the scene of operatic performances.
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The Official schematic Map of The Forbidden City, by The Palace Museum.
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Satellite Overview of Yang Xin Dian - Mind Cultivation Palace and surrounding area of the Palace Museum (Gugong).
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Mental Cultivation Hall - Yang Xin Dian & Court
Mental Cultivation Hall - Yang Xin Dian - Interiors
Hall of State Satisfaction - Ti Shun Tang - Court
Hall of State Satisfaction - Interiors
Tai Yi Dian - Entrance Way and Alley- East
Parallel Corridor South Gates
West Long Corridor
Inner Court Access Square
Palace of Immortality Court
- Tai Yi Dian - Court
Tai Yi Dian - Entrance Way and Alley West
Palace of Heavenly Purity - Qian Ching Gong - Court
A step inside the Entrance Alley to Yong Shou Gong, Palace of Immortals
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4 Rural Districts
1) Palace of Immortality (1) Directions and Main South Entrance Gate
2) Palace of Immortality (2) Front (South) Court
3) Palace of Immortality (3) Inner Court
4) Palace of Immortality (4) Jade Treasures Exhibition
*) Satellite Image Overview Map of the Palace Museum