Online Sources to The Palace Museum
The Imperial Palace Museum
Outer Court (Wai Chou) - East
- Hall of Literary Flowers (Glory) (Wen Hua Dian ; 华殿) -
(2) Exhibition
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The Official schematic Map of The Forbidden City, by The Palace Museum.
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This page was last updated on: June 24, 2017
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The interior of the gigantic Hall of Literary Glory with various parts of the Ceramics Exhibition. Note the exquisite coffered ceiling and unusual brackets with their colorful decorations.
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The Palace Museum - Inner & Outer Imperial Palace Perimeter Map,Quick Navigate using this unique satellite image overview of the Palace Museum Perimeter and the greater Imperial Palace Area.
1) Gate of Literary Glory & South Court
2) Hall of Literary Glory Interior
3) West Side Hall of Literary Glory
4) East Side Hall of Literary Glory (not available)
5) Hall of the Source of Culture and Literature (Imperial Library of the Ming Era)
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A large Blue and White Tripod Incense Burner with wave designs created during the Yongle Reign (1403 AD - 1424 AD) of the Ming Dynasty (1368 AD - 1644 AD).
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