Sports Parks and other Parks in Beijing
Asian Games Village Nationwide Fitness Park (Beiyuan Road, NW Chaoyang)
Dongsheng Culture and Sports Park (Baosheng East Road, East Haidian)
Fangzhuang Sports Park (Chongwen)
Huaifang Fishing Park (Huaifang Road, Fengtai)

None available
Zoo's and Animal Parks Beijing
Badaling Wild Animal Park (Changping)
Beijing Aquarium (Haidian)
Beijing Blue Zoo (Chaoyang)
Beijing Zoo
Miluyuan Park (Tongzhou)
Nanhaizi Milu Park Garden + Museum (Luyuan Rd, Daxing, S Chaoyang)
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Parks and Gardens in Beijing (in General)
This page was last updated on: June 16, 2017
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The former Sun Altar and Park can be found in the south of Chaoyang District.
Take a short Tour at the Ming Dynasty Tombs
Beijing Parks and Gardens - Index
Below one finds a Listing of all Parks and Gardens within the city of Beijing today. Listing includes zoological gardens, animal- or wildlife parks, sports parks and the like.
Altar of the Earth Park (Ditan Gongyuan)
Altar of the Sun Park (Ritan Gongyuan)

Badachu Park (and Eight Great Sights Temples)
Bajiadi Countryside Park (Part of Dongsheng Bajia Country Park, Haidian)
Baiwang Shan Forest Park (Heishan Hu Road & Bridge, NW Haidian)
Begonia Park (NE Corner of Haitang Park, Wuji Road, south Chaoyang)
Beihai Park (North Lake; Beihai Gongyuan)
Beijing Botanical Garden
Beijing Zhongchuang Farm Botanical Garden Park (Fengtai)
Beijing World Park
Beiwu Park (West of Summer Palace west Gate (& Road), Haidian)
Beixiaohe Park (Shijia Cun, Chaoyang)
Bihai Park (Wudian Rd, Daxing, North Fengtai)

Coal Hill Park (Jingshan Gongyuan)
Chaoyang Park
Chinese Minorities Culture Park (East Haidian)

Dadu City of the Yuan Dynasty City Walls Park
Danqingpu Park (Jushan Rd, Jiajiafen, West Haidian)
Dayunhe Forest Park (Tongzhou District)
Dongdan Park (Dongdan Gongyuan)
Dongfeng Park (Qikeshu Rd, Nanwazi / Qikeshu Village, NE Chaoyang)
Dongsheng Baija Country Park (Houbajia, Haidian)
Dongsheng Qinghe Peili Park (S50 North 5th Ring Road, Houbajia, Haidian)
Dragon pond Park (Longtan Gongyuan)

East First Time-zone park (Sixinzhuang Village, Chaoyang)
Ethnic Minorities Cultural Park (or Museum)

Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan & Gongyuan)
Fuhai Park (Nanyuan Rd./Lianshui River)

Guanyuan Park (Chegongzhuang, Xicheng District)
Grand View Garden

Haitang Park (Wuji Road, south Chaoyang)
Haizi Park (G45 Daguang Expressway / Nanyuan West Road, Fengtai)
Heyi Park (Wangzhuangzi, NE Fengtai)
Hongbo Park (Zhenhaisi Road, NE Fengtai)
Huahui Ziwei Park (Xiaoying North Rd., NW Chaoyang)
Huaixin Park (South 4th Middle Ring Road, Fengtai)
Huajaidi Park (Huajiadi Street, Chaoyang)
Huangcaowan Country Park (Huangcaowan, Chaoyang)
Hujing Water Park (Huairou)

Jianfu Park (Tuofangying, NE Chaoyang)
Jingchun Park (Jiukeshu Village, Tongzhou)
Jinglin Landscape Park (Part of Dongsheng Bajia Prk, Houbajia Rd., Haidian)
Jingshan Park (Coal Hill Park) (Jingshan Gongyuan)
Jinyu Nanshan Park (Futong West Street, Chaoyang)

Laojuntang Park (Chaoyang)
Lishuiqiao Park (Lishuiqiao, Chaoyang)
Liyuan Theme Park (Dagoalizhuang Rd, Linheli, Tongzhou District)
Luiyin Park (Luiyin Gongyuan)
Luyuan Park (NW of Qinghua University, Qinhua West Road, Haidian)
Longtan Park (Dragon Pond Park)(Longtan Gongyuan)
Lotus Lake Park (Lianhuachi Gongyuan)

Manchun Park (Jiukeshu Village, Tongzhou)
Medicinal Plants Garden (Malianwa North Road, NW Haidian)
Milu Yuan - Milu Deer Park (See 6 Outer Suburbs)
Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park

Nanyuan Park (Nanyuan Rd, Hongfangzi (=Red House), Fengtai)
North Lake Park (Beihai Gongyuan)
Nuanshan Ecology Park (Shuangqiao East Rd., S Chaoyang)

Old Summer Palace Park (Yuanming Yuan)
Olympic Forest Park
Olympic Park Beijing - Olympic Venues

Park of the Peoples Culture
Park o/t Ruins o/t Dadu City o/t Yuan Dynasty
Pingfang Park (Pingfangxiang, Chaoyang)
Purple Bamboo Park (Zizhuyuan Gongyuan)

Shucun Country Park (Nongda South Road, North Haidian)
Side Park (Fangyuan W Rd, Side Road of N. 4th Ring Rd E, Chaoyang)
Summer Palace and Park (New) (Yiheyuan)
Summer Palace (Old) (Yuanmingyuan)
Sunrise Time-zone Park (Beijing Renwin University Campus East, Chaoyang)

Taiyanggong Park (Taiyanggong Md. Rd., N 4th Ring Rd., Chaoyang)
Taoranting Park (Taoranting Gongyuan)
Taoyuan Park (Gongyizhuang, Fengtai)
Temple of Heaven Park (Tiantan Gongyuan)
Tuanjie Hu Park (Chaoyang)

Wanfangting Park (Fengtai)
Wangcheng Park (Near Wangjing W Subway Station, Chaoyang)
Wanghu Park (Zangjiawazi, Chaoyang)
Wangquan Park (Fengtai)
Wangxinghu Country Park  (Nanchang East Rd, Daxing, North Fengtai)
Wanshou Park (Xuanwu)
World Flower Garden
World Park (Fengtai)

Xiangshan Gongyuan (Fragrant Hills Park)
Xihui Park (Jianguo Road, along Tonghui River, Chaoyang)
Xinfadi Park (G45 Daguang Expressway / Nanyuan West Road, Fengtai)
Xinglong Park
Xuanyi Park (Xuanyi Road, North Fengtai)

Yiheyuan - Summer Palace Park
Yixing Park (Puhuangyu, Chongwen)
Yongtai Green Ecology Park (No. 9 Yongtaizhuang North Rd., East Haidian)
Youth Lake Park (QingNianHu Gongyuan)
Yuanmingyuan - Old Summer Place and Park
Yudong Park (SE adjacent of Yuquanshan, Jinhe Road, West Haidian)
Yuquan (Jade Spring) Park (South of Yuquanshan, West Haidian)
Yuting Park (South Moat)
YuYuantan - Temple of the Moon Park

Zhenhaisi Country Park (Boda Rd. / Nanxiaodian Front Street, Chaoyang)
Zhongguancun Forest Park (Tijing cun (village), North West Haidian)
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The Coal Hill (Jing Shan) and Park, best Look out point over the Forbidden City.
Head to Jingshan for Scenic Views and other Discoveries ..
Dwell around the Dragon Ponds, left after excavation of clays needed for the construction of the Imperial Palace Forbidden City) at Dragon Pond (Longtan) Park.
Scenic Dragon Pond Park in South West Chongen District ..
The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage (new) Summer Palace (Yiheyuan), the ultimate Imperial Pleasure Garden of Beijing.
A Full Tour of the Magnificent Summer Palace of the Manchu Qing Dynasty ...
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