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Welcome to China Report's Digital Introduction to the Wanshou Si, or Temple of Longevity in Beijing.
Fragrant Hills Park
Impression and History
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1473 Buddhist Watu Si or Five Pagoda Temple, Beijing, China
1473 Buddhist Watu Si or Five Pagoda Temple, Beijing, China Photographic Print

Beijing Fragrant Hills Park - Site Map, includes all Pavilions and Sites within Fragrant Hills Park of Beijing, located in the Western Hills of North-West Haidian District.
Overview the Entire Fragrant Hills Park grounds and Link through to Photos and Backgrounds on Structures and Sites of your Interests.
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Overview Map of the Yiheyuan Summer Palace Park, Yuanmingyuan, Yuquanshan, Fragrant Hills Park and Beijing Botanical Gardens in North-West Haidian District.
Overview Map Haidian - Yiheyuan Summer Palace, Fragrant Hills, Botanical Garden
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