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Beijing Opera was popularized by now Famous Actor Mei Lanfang, who travelled and performed in the west in the early 20Th Century. Master Mei (1894 AD - 1961 AD) , who only played Dan or female roles, is famous throughout China and beyond and is said to have influenced the silent-movies actor Charlie Chaplin, himself a worldfamous legend. The former home of Mei Lanfang in the XiCheng District of Beijing, just south-west of romantic Houhai, has been turned into a shrine and
museum dedicated to the famous master of Peking Opera.
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Mei LanFang (former) Residence Museum
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Mei Lanfang Residence Museum is located inside the Hutong just one block up from ... This big road runs east-west passing between BeiHai and Qianhai just a short stop East from Mei Lanfang Residence.
The Museum is closed during winter times, when tourists and local visitors are nearly absent.

One of the historic stages in Beijing where master
Meu Practiced his Arts is the Zheng Yici Theatre.
This small Theatre, inside the Xuanwu Hutong just East of Hepingmen ...

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Visit the East Cathedral near Wanfujing Dajie'
The Palace where Pu Yi was born ...
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1) Directions to Mei Lanfang Residence at Huguo Si Street and Map
2) Mei Lanfang Residence Entrance
3) Mei Lanfang Residence Central Court
4) Mei Lanfang Residence - Private Quarters & Interiors
*) Mei Lanfang Residence  Museum Online Sources
Full Map of the Beijing Subway System of 2015 AD
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Photos - A Caligraphy by Master Dan Actor Mei Lanfang ,and it's Proud Owner Grant Menzies, internet writer, historian and China Buff.
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