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- (3) Eastern Qianhai Lake Shore -
Overview of Qian Hai ...
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Visit Bell & DrumTower just East of Qian Hai & Hou Hai Lakes (& JinDing Bridge)
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Music - Jia Peng Fang "Night of Beijing" (Rainbow, 2000)
Rafting on Kunming Lakei, Beijing, China
Man Rafting on Kunming Lake, Beijing, China Photographic Print
Bachmann, Bill
Gold Ingot Bridge at QianHai's Northern End (Near Bell & Drum-Tower)
A peek at ...
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A useful overview Map of DongCheng District (East=right) and part of the XiCheng District (West = Left).
Follow DianMen Avenue up to the Drum Tower or simply keep to the righthand banksof the Lakes and find your way along the route from Qianhai's Lotus Lane to Jinding Bridge, all part of the ShishaHai Area.
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Former Home of the Legendary Madame Sun Yat Sen , Honorary Vice-President of the Peoples Republic of China - Grandma Soong's House
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Visit Bell & DrumTower just East of Qian Hai & Hou Hai Lakes (& JinDing Bridge)
Gold Ingot Bridge at QianHai's Northern End (Near Bell & Drum-Tower)
Main Page - Intrduction to Qianhai Lake & Lotus Lane
A Closer Look at Lotus Lane - Qianhai West Shore
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Map of the popular ShichaHai (3 Lakes) area of Beijing Old City.
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3D Digital Map of Central Beijing - See Beijing in an entirely different way !! - CLICK THROUGH -
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1) Qianhai (Heavenly) Lake  & Lotus Lane - Intoduction, Directions & Map
2) West Shore - Lotus Lane
3) Eastern Shore - A Walk around
*) Qianhai (Heavenly Lake) & Lotus Lane - Online Sources
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