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An Introduction to Ten Fu's
Welcome to Ten Fu Dazhalan
Dazhalan Street (2) Dashilan East Street
Welcome to Ten Fu Dazhalan
An Introduction to YiChenghou
Welcome to TongRenTang - Famoust Chinese Medicine Store in Beijing
An Introduction to The Tongrentang Medical Store
Xuanwu District Menu
The large aristocratic TongRenTang Family, founders of Tongrentang Medical Store. A Photo from the later Ching Dynasty Era.
Famed Tongrentang Medical Store at Dashilan Street.
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Learn more About Future Beijingand Preservation of Relics !
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Move on to Dashilan West, the Hutong and Liu Lichang Street !!
The Mystery caught in Music - From "Shadow Magic"- The Chinese Film ...
As seen in the Movie "Shadow Magic".
- The Music from the Film.
Based on Hostorical Truths - the Story of Emperor and Assasin - both Masters at their Game
Shadow Magic - A Story about Beijing, Cinema and the Great Wall Based on a True Story !
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Dazhalan Jie Market, Beijing, China
Dazhalan Jie Market, Beijing, China Photographic Print
Waltham, Tony

Sound Effect : Old Film Projector
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Go Inside the Museum !
Have a Look around Inside the Fengtai Studio Memorial Museum
Move on to Dashilan West, the Hutong and Liu Lichang Street !!
With it's strong brand name, TongRenTang
... due to it's longtime experience as a herbal medicine producer.
Long History. Superb quality, advanced Technology and large size TongRentang is preparing itself to prsenet itself on the world market for Chinese Medicine. Modern and seeking to be a modern transnational conglomarate.

Many generations of People have worked to create the past and the prsent TongRenTang Company with their wisdom, hard work and great dedication. TongRenTang is currently aspiring the be a Chinese Herbal Medicine International, bringing a "brighter Future" as "a light that Shines Brightly from the East".
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In the Present Dashilan is intersected by a widened Meishi Street ...
In the Present Dashilan is intersected by a widened Meishi Street ...
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3D Digital Map of Central Beijing - See Beijing in an entirely different way !! - CLICK THROUGH -
Full Map of the Beijing Subway System of 2015 AD - Click Map for FULL Version !
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This page was last updated on: June 7, 2017
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1) Directions to Dashilar Street - via Qianmen Street
2) Dashilar East Street
                                        - Fengtai Studios Memorial Museum & Cinema
                                        - Ten Fu Tea at Dashilan
                                        - Goubili Famous Dumplings Restaurant
                                        - Nei Liancheng 1000 Layer Shoes
                                        - Silk Store
                                        - Tongrentang Medical Store
3) Dashilar Street / Meishi Street Intersection
4) Dashilar West Street
5) Yangmeizhu West (by-)Lane
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