Beyond the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the Beijing Subway/Metro System was further expanded with many new lines extending into the suburban districts of the Megametropolis of Beijing. Depicted below is a Map of the system as it is planned and scheduled to be operational in the year 2015. Travel about the central city and suburban districts by underground train with remarkable ease. All Beijing landmarks now unlocked!
Introduction to the Beijing Subway/Metro System Plan for 2015
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Beijing Main Railway Station-Beijing Zhan Subway/Metro Station
Tiantan East Gate Station (HongQiao Market)
Beijing West
Railway Station
Beijing Main
Railway Station
Lama Temple-YongHeGong Station
JianGuoMen-Ancient Observatory Station
Chongwen Men-Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park West Station
Beijing Capital Airport
Terminal 3 Station
Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal Station
TiananMen West-National Theatre Station
Beijing Zoo-New Observatorium Station
Summer Palace South Gate-Yiheyuan Station
Great Bell Temple-Dazhong Si Station Station
DrumTower Street West-Gulou Dajie' Station
Former South & Outer Gate of City Wall Qing Dynasty-YongDing Men Station,
DeshengMen Ming City Wall Gate-JiShuiTan Station
South Cathedral (Nan Tang)-XuanwuMen Station
Wanfujing Shopping Street Station
Beijing South (Front) Gate-QianMen Station
Liu Lichang Culture Street-HepingMen Station
Dong Si-East Temple (Mosque) Station
Complete as Possible explanation of Beijing City Transport !!
Xizhimen Train and Subway/Metro Station
The 2008 System upgrade already was a huge advance in comparison to the old and outdated two-line system. The new system planned for 2015, will connect to all corners of all city districts and 6 inner-suburbs, unlocking previously unvisited sites for foreign visitors. Use the Subway/Metro system to travel away from Beijing City Center to dwell in places rarely seen in your travel guide.
Read more about the Modernizations of the Metro/Subway System on the Beijing Subway designated Page, or in the Full Introduction to the Beijing City Public Transportation System !!
Old Summer Palace (YuanMingYuan) - Subway Station & Ruins Park
AndingMen Ming City Wall Gate+ Station
Beijing West Railway Station-Beijing Xi Zhan Subway/Metro Station
Panjiayuan Flee Market (Chaoyang)
YongAnli - Silk Market & LG Twin Towers (Chaoyang)
Beijing Zoo-New Observatorium Station
China Central Television Tower - Beijing
Beijing North
Railway Station
Beihai Park (Beihai Gongyuan) - North Gate & Qianhai Lotus Lane
Drum Tower (Gulou) and Street
Niu Jie (Ox Street) & Mosque Station
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