Once you are done checking in and stashing your luggage you can go out exploring the Hutong right away. Bicycle rental shops are outside on both directions of the street, the Hutong awaits and some of the best chinese culture lies around the corner. From the Far East Hostel it is about a kilometer walking to TiananMen Square, through Dashilan along one of the best scenic routes in the City. Those who are not so
much in a hurry, and came to enjoy the layed-back Hutong lifestyle and culture, they
When taking the Bus from Capital Airport, first ride the Bus to Xidan (Bus) Station. From there change to Bus No. 15 to Liu Lichang Street, which is a little further South and East. From Xidan to Liu Lichang can be done walking, but with a full load it is easier to get a Cab or a Rickshaw to Liu Lichang, or directly to the Far East Youth Hostel which is no more than 4 to 500 meters beyond.

When already in the City Center and heading towards the Far East International Hostel, there are several choices. As mentioned, Dashilan West Street is accesible from the West through HepingMen, down south to Liu Lichang
Wood Furniture, Ceramics, Antiques, Silks, Caligraphy, etc
- Jing Yishi Far East International Youth Hostel -
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A Map of Hepingmen, Liu Lichang Street and Area of Xuanwu
All Beijing Maps used in The Beijing Report
Beijing , Xuanwu District
The Plan for Future Beijing explained!en and Hepingmen
View of the Interior Courtyard with access to most private rooms. The Far East Intl. Youth Hostel is housed withing a traditional SiHeYuan Quadrangle House.
How to Get There - Self-described as the Most Charming Accomodation in Beijing, the Jing Yishi, or Far East-, International Youth Hostel lies hidden away inside the
                                                            Hutong of
                                                            the oldest
                                                            easily as
                                                            the south-
                                                            inside the
                                                            2nd ring
                                                            road (once
                                                            location o/t
                                                            City Walls).
Overview of Square looking East into Liu Lichang Street proper.
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Roadsign south of Liu Lichang Street crossing with NanXinhua Jie, pointing the way to the Jing Yishi Far East Youth Hostel.
To the Hutong-Area between QianMen and Hepingmen
Some SARS Campaign and other Educational Murals from around the Xuanwu District Hutong !
Click Image to Enlarge !
Click Image to Enlarge !
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Hutong of the Xuanwu District
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The name-sign closest to the Youth Hostel at Dazhalan West Street. The street name pronounced in local chinese however sounds more like DaShiLar.
The Far East Hostel is located at Dashilan West Street (Xi=West, Dong=East), just about in between of Lui Lichang East Street and the other side of the huge city and Hutong-block - the Dashilan East Street entrance at QianMen Dajie'.
After determining this general location on your Map, the Far East Youth Hostel and Quadrangle House can be easily found and reached through a number of routes. But first - How to get to the Inner City of Beijing from the Airport ??

From the Airport it is about 35 kilometers to City Center,
which will take at least an
hour for any mode of
transport. One can either
                               travel by Taxi
                               or cheaper by Bus.
West into Dashilan West Street right in the middle of the Xuanwu District Hutong. It's
                                                     quite a
                                                     walk to
                                                     To get to
                                                     easily get
                                                     on the
Metro/Subway and get off at HepingMen Station. From here, just head on South from Qianjude Roast Duck Restaurant, the one with the Neon Duck (note- the original restaurant stands near QianMen on the East Route, this number 2) and find Liu Lichang Street. If you come to the Li Yuan Theatre you have gone far to far to the South and must return on
your steps.

Other roads to the Far East Hostel are from the East, simply down from QianMen to Dashilan Street's East Entrance, then follow Dashilan Street to the West. On your way you will come past several interesting stores among which the TongRenTang Medical Store. The Far East International Hostel is located at Dashilan West, just beyond the noteworthy Sky & Sea Restaurant, of genuine Beijing kitchen. Needless
Original and preserved wooden decorations atop one of the private rooms. Rooms are clean, neat and more spacious then expected from a Hutong Dwelling.
to say this restaurant is popular among those who stay at the Hostel.
Colorful Wall Murals from the Xuanwu Hutong.
Although the Far East International Hostel is housed inside an antique SiHeYuan House, accomodations and facilities have been brought up to current day standards. There are NO shared rooms (with strangers). Rooms are clean and proper, however basic and standard. There has further an internet bar and cafe' available for a number of years. In fact, the Far East Hostel was one of the first Beijing Hotels to incorporate them, since many of their clients are ardent travelers, many backpacking adventurers among them.
Food and Drinks are available from nearby Hutong Stores or the Supermarket near Li Yuan Theatre or at QainMen Avenue.
HepingMen is the spot of the former City  Gate of Peace.
Final Help Map - An overview of East Xuanwu and Most of Chongwen District.
Click to View Xuanwu-Chongwen Districts overview Map !
can go get a nice haircut at the local barbers, shop for chinese trinkets along the Hutong Streets, or just simply - relax and enjoy the great SiHeYuan accomodations and  surrounding scenery , sounds and smells.
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