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This page was last updated on: June 7, 2017
Welcome to China Report's Digital Impression of the Liu Lichang Culture Street Ten Fu Branch...
Xuanwu , Ten Fu Shop at East Liu Lichang Culture Street
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A Map of the HepingMen Area and Xuanwu District
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Rolls Royce of Beijing at Oriental Plaza
Ten Fu Tea of China at Oriental Plaza
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Wanfujing Shopping Street
Ten Fu Tea of China
at Jinyu Hutong
( Next to Palace Peninsula Hotel )
Tian An Men = Gate of Heavenly Peace
Imperial Palace Museum = Forbidden City
Jingshan or Coal Hill
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Research into Chinese Tea Culture and Ten Fu China in Progress. .........
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A Summary on Ten Fu, All Ten Fu Reports and Ten Fu Products from our Online Store !
Liu Lichang Culture Street
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Shopping Tips
Liu Lichangstreet is an Ancient shopping street now restored to it's old Ming Dynastic Style splendor for commercial and esthetic reasons.
Home to many a interesting store and shop , the Main part of Liu Lichang Culture Street as it is officially known , is taken up by many a line-up of different stores dealing in every truely chinese treasure to find. Colorfully and skillfully painted and crafted the store exteriors are a pleasure to the Eye, the shops themselves are fine places to dwell, browse , wonder and dream. Don't forget Liu Lichang Market at the End of the Street ! Interesting treasures can be found among these small family stalls.
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View of Liu Lichang East Street with Little Tibetan Gate and Ten Fu Tea of China Branch.
A friendly young staff member presenting Tea greets (just about) every visitor Ten Fu.
The rich traditionally painted decorations and Ten Fu Tea Liu Lichang Branch a 5 star quality company.
Ten Fu Tea's designation as a quality recommeded store by The Beijing Tourism Adminsitration. No rip offs at such Stores and fixed prices.
A View inside the Store.
Other Ten Fu Tea of China branches at
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A Map coombining both Ancient Souther Districts of Chongwen & Xuanwu
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Beijing , Xuanwu District
This page was last updated on: June 7, 2017
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